Dress Codes For Male Djs That Will Make You Stand Out


Most professional DJs near you in Melbourne dress well and this is one of the reasons why people trust them in their functions. From the moment a DJ meets with a client, the client will look at the dress code of the DJ and make some personality judgment. During the meeting, the client is likely to ask the DJ about the attire that will be worn at the event. This is a great question that every client should ask especially if they are planning an event with a specific dress code. There are some categories and tips of attire to learn and use to ensure you are dressed appropriately as a DJ. While most DJs want to stand out and own the show, here are a few guidelines that will ensure you do not do the opposite of what is required when dressing for an event.

Casual attire

You should never confuse casual attire with informal attire. Casual attire is something occasional, relaxed and not planned. Casual attire means that you can wear whatever you are comfortable in. Rarely will you find a DJ wearing casual attire when performing at an event. The DJ will wear something a step above the audience even if the audience members are wearing casual attire. The DJ is the entertainer and the performer so they should be slightly above the rest. However, most often than not when it has been stated that men should wear casual attire, you will not make a scene when you wear whatever you want as long as you do not wear something offensive or inappropriate.

Smart casual

DJs near youcan also dress in smart casual. Smart casual is a more dressed up version of a casual look. For men, this means a very nice pair of jeans, a nice pair of trousers with a polo shirt, a button-up shirt or something of the sort. For this dress code, it is best to avoid wearing shorts, old pair of jeans and t-shirts as they will make your attire appear casual.

Business casual

This is the most confusing dress code because it mixes the words casual and business. These two terms seem like the opposite of one another. A good rule of thumb when wearing business casual is to wear khakis or dress pants with a belt and a collared shirt.

Cocktail attire

This is sometimes called cocktail chic. Cocktail attire means that you need to be well dressed with no sandals, shorts or t-shirts. But there is some space you should show your personality and own it. Some examples of this look would be a dark suit, dress pants, dress shirts and nice pair of jeans with a jacket or sport coat.

Business formal

Some DJs near you in Melbourne want to go an extra mile in consultation. If you are dressing for a business formal event then you should be in a nice suit and tie. You should think of a dressy form of business clothing.

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