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Dot Net Web Development

The mass popularity of smartphones and easy access to the internet has made applications an effective medium for businesses to surge and maximize their scope of operations and services. In this light, the .net has emerged as an effective framework from Microsoft to help in the building of form-based as well as web-based applications. An experienced dot net web development company can help a business to have a robust application that would work as an arm of expansion. 

It is not wrong to say that this framework is exclusive because it aids in the development of software applications that can run on Windows Server, Microsoft Azure, Windows Phone, etc. and contains a huge class library called FCL i.e. Framework Class Library and CLR i.e. Common Language Runtime. It is clear that this framework is dynamic and has a wide utility. A professional dot net development firm can provide you with loads of benefits for building advanced and robust applications to achieve scalability and proficiency. Let’s check!

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Benefits of Dot Net Development

There are a plethora of benefits and advantages that can assist your business when you opt for dot net development services. 

1. High-performance applications: The advanced compilation and other amazing features associated with this framework help to build apps that not only performs fast but can operate for a longer time. This makes it a reliable and optimum alternative. 

2. Security: Another benefit of building apps via this framework is enhanced security and safety. It can gather evidence and tracks concerning the author as well as the origin of the web app that allows the security experts to decide whether to run the app further or not. The CLR also offers vital features that add up to the overall security like code-access security.

3. Deployment: Following features of this technology makes it quite easy to evidence the deployment:

  • Private components.
  • No-impact apps.
  • Trusted code.
  • Controlled-code sharing

Also, the ecosystem for code execution is safe that makes sure to reduce the conflicts in deployment.

4. Diversity: Another useful feature is ‘diversity’, that makes it possible to build a wide array of apps, systems, or services like:

  • Inventory
  • Business Intelligence
  • Warehouse System
  • XML Web Services 
  • Windows GUI Apps
  • Console Apps
  • CRM Systems
  • WPF Apps
  • And much more. 

5. Less Coding: This is one of the greatest advantages of the dot net framework. It requires relatively less coding work as this technology is based on object-oriented programming that eliminates all those codes that are not necessary. It has re-usable codes & components that result in the saving of time and resources.

6. Built-in: What makes this technology productive and robust is ‘wide built-in elements’ like built-in windows authentication, built-in configuration information, built-in caching options, and much more.

This framework has a lot of other attractive advantages as well like language independence, multiple components monitoring, provision of quick alerts for memory leaks, JIT compilation, optimization support, etc. Some of the popular websites that have been developed using this technology: 

  • StackOverflow
  • Microsoft
  • GoDaddy
  • DELL
  • Wild Tangent

Once you have picked up a top dot net web development company that understands your business objectives and agenda, then this technology will help your business to generate long-term economic returns and immeasurable benefits.

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