Different Types Of Ministries And Their Works


When you mention the ministry, most people automatically assume you are talking about preaching or becoming a priest, but ministries is not limited to the clergy or even those who went to school to work as ministers. Ministries can range from children’s services to Christian translation ministry with every stop in between. Today, we will discuss several different types of ministries and what may be included under that particular heading. Settle in, there are truly hundreds of types of ministries that exist, but we will only cover a few.

Christian Translation

This form of ministry is quite large, but many people have never heard of it until they need the services of a Christian translator. Some churches and individuals are part of a Christian translation ministry as translators, but many more are part of this type of ministry as book binders, shippers, or distributers of the translated materials. Specific training is required to be a certified translator and even more training to specialize in Christian translation, but this does not mean you can not be part of this type of ministry. There is always a need for people to help distribute translated materials to missionaries, during missions, or just to put books together in some form. This is a great way to be part of a form of ministry.

Hospitality Ministries

Hospitality ministries are the ministries that take care of the needs of the church itself. This is also a varied area of ministry and for the most part requires no special training. Hospitality ministries may include planning and executing potlucks, working in a church office, or even making bulletins. Hospitality ministries tend to focus on the skills a person already has and is a great area for new church members to get involved. It may be as simple as helping to vacuum the church, making a covered dish for a dinner, or folding bulletins before a service. This is a wonderful way to give back without any specialized training.

Teaching Ministries

Teaching ministries are the most commonly recognized forms of ministry. These include pastors, education directors, Sunday school teachers, Bible study leaders, and youth group leaders, as well as others. As the name implies, this type of ministry is about teaching the Word and lessons associated with Christian standards to whatever group is being led. While there is not necessarily training necessary for this type of ministry, a strong Christian faith, a deep knowledge of Christian theology, and an ability to teach and lead is needed. Most people who choose this ministry form feel called to do so because it is a huge commitment to others and the time needed to study and prepare. It is a highly necessary form of ministry that requires much, but returns much as well.

Outreach Ministries

Outreach ministries are also as they sound, those that minister to the community around a church or the world as a missionary. Missionaries are the most well known in this type of ministry as they share the Gospel in different countries. However, outreach ministries may also include food pantries, building homes, soup kitchens, and other forms of reaching out into the community to make a difference. This is the ideal ministry for those who are friendly, outgoing, and enjoy volunteer work, often with the less fortunate.

Music Ministries

Music ministries deal with music. No surprise there. These ministries are used to help with worship and preaching. Music ministries include things like being in or directing the choir, singing solos, playing in a hand bell choir, being part of praise bands, or playing an instrument for services. Some music ministries may organize special events or programs for churches during the holidays or another special occasion. While some choir directors or instrument players are trained, only a love of music is required. This is a great way to be involved and share your voice of musical talents in a way honoring to God.

Counseling Ministries

Counseling ministries are the types of ministries that minister to a person’s emotional or mental health while also accounting for their spirituality. This category contains counselors, therapists, and in some cases spiritual directors. Most counseling ministry jobs require training as a counselor or at least an education in a related field, but can range from mentoring to actual therapy with a Christian component.

Ministry is far from limited to preaching and what you choose to get involved in is up to each individual. Take time to explore the areas of interest before choosing how to give back to the One that has saved us from so much.

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