Different Types of Lawyers and Who You Should Choose

Different Types of Lawyers and Who You Should Choose

There are different types of lawyers. Each of them specializes in different legal areas. Some lawyers work for their clients outside the courtroom, such as negotiating a deal, drafting contracts, preparing documents, etc. There are other lawyers who deal with legal disputes of their clients inside the court.

As there are different types of lawyers, you need to choose the right attorney if you have any legal issues. The following guide will help you understand different types of lawyers and who you should choose for your legal matter.

Different Types of Lawyers

Understanding your legal matter and choosing the right lawyer can increase the chances of winning your case. Here are the different types of lawyers you may need for your legal problems.

1) Corporate Lawyers

Corporate lawyers are also known as business lawyers. They help in the formation of the company, tax compliance, employment contracts, acquisitions, etc. They also deal with business disputes, negotiate with individuals and other corporate.

Large businesses may have legal departments that have several lawyers. On the other hand, small businesses need a legal advisor or a general counsel who handles all the legal matters. Douglas Healy is one of the best general counsel who gives legal advice to businesses.

2) Estate Planning Lawyers

Estate planning lawyers help their clients to transfer their properties, assets with their family members or loved ones before death. An estate planner also helps you to manage trust funds. They prepare the documents required for their final wishes and burial arrangement.

3) Tax Lawyers

Taxes are complicated especially if you have many assets. Tax lawyers can help you to understand the tax laws and how to pay taxes according to the fiscal regulations. They work with accountant to make it easier for their clients.

Moreover, tax lawyers can also help with any legal disputes related to tax. They are familiar with the legal procedures and litigations. So a tax lawyer is different from an accountant and you should consider hiring a tax lawyer for your business.

4) Intellectual Property Lawyers

If you are a content creator, or have written a novel, or a scientific invention that benefits the public, you need to protect it from duplication. For that you need to consult an intellectual property lawyer for secreting copyright infringement and licensing agreement.

IP lawyers offer legal advice to their clients for marketing their inventions. They also help the creators to negotiate legal disputes if someone has infringed the client’s creation. For example, if someone is creating fake products on the name of branded goods at selling at low prices. If

6) Immigration Lawyers

When you are applying for U.S. citizenship, you should consult an immigration lawyer. There are many documents and paperwork you need to submit during immigration. If you miss a single one, you may lose or delay the chances of getting your immigration permission. Therefore, an immigration lawyer can help you to avoid such mistakes.

7) Criminal Defense Lawyers

When you are charged of a criminal case, you will need a criminal defense lawyer to deal with the court proceedings. They will defend for you against the prosecutor. Starting from inquiring to collecting evidence to prove that you are not guilty. A good criminal defense lawyer is familiar with the laws and legal proceedings for a crime. So he/she can help you to get out of prison.

8) Civil Litigation Lawyers

All the lawyers that are not related to criminal cases are regarded as civil litigation lawyer. They help you for civil litigations and they are commonly known as general lawyers. They primarily work for the clients during the breach of a contract.

9) Family Lawyers

Last but not least, family lawyers deal with cases such as domestic violence, child custody, divorce, alimony, etc. Moreover, the family lawyers also work with other types of lawyers like criminal lawyers for any criminal act like child abuse.

The Final Thoughts

Finally, I hope the article has helped you to understand different types of lawyers. If you have any legal disputes then choose which type of lawyers you need. For any queries, please feel free to ask in the comment sections.

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