Different Types Of Dips You Need To Know


Wholesale dips near me are the most sold food products with a mixture of different ingredients that complement other types of foods such as chips, vegetables, toast, or crackers which are dipped into a mixture hence their name dip. When preparing dips, a base for the dips can be prepared with softened cheese, sour cream, mashed vegetables with herbs, mayonnaise, spices, and other types of ingredients added to the base to give it colour, flavour and texture. Here are some common types of dips you need to know. 

Cheese dips

This is a type of appetiser consisting of melted cheese. It is then combined with other types of ingredients and served with potato chips, crackers, corn chips, fruit, pretzels, vegetables or other foods that are dipped into the cheese. You can find a wide range of flavoured dips such as bacon, avocado, cheddar, blue cheese, cream cheese, seafood cheese, nacho and more. Cheese dips are popular for events and parties.

Nachos cheese

You can get melted cheese garnished with sliced peppers and serve it with tortilla chips. You can spread the cheese over the chips or serve in a bowl for chips to be dipped for eating. This dish has a lot of variations with other ingredients added into the cheese such as ground meat or salsa. Salsa Con Queso is one of the most commonly available variations. This is cheese with salsa. It is then heated and served with chips. When looking for wholesale dips, this can be a great choice.


This is a Mexican dish and consists of mashed avocados and small amounts of lime or lemon juice. It is typically used as a side dish, topping or dip. Occasionally, other types of ingredients are added to the dip such as onion, tomato, cilantro or garlic.

Corn relish

This is mainly made from seasonings and sweet corn. It is a common addition to a lot of grilled foods. Corn relish is usually produced as a spicy or mild product that consists of peppers, corn, sugar, vinegar, onions and various spices mixed together to create a topping for foods. It is served with hamburgers, hot dogs, fish, and chicken or as an ingredient in various sauces. It is commonly served with chips as a dip.

Sweet pepper spread

A food spread that is created from roasted sweet peppers can use a wide range of sweet pepper as the base for spreading. Red pepper is often used since it provides a delicate and mildly sweet flavour to the spread. It can be served on bread, crackers, or mixed into other spreads to boost the flavour of food items such as cheese dips, sour cream, or cheeses. It can also be spread on slices of French bread.


This is an Italian term for appetiser or hick sauce and it is a dip to be used for fondue-like dipping. It is made of melted cheese combined with other types of ingredients such as eggs, cream or milk. The mixture becomes a great sauce for dipping foods. These wholesale dips queensland are very popular.

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