Descriptions of Different Types of Choir Concerts That You Should Know

We have different types of choir concerts. These choir concerts are distinguished based on the types of instruments and the number of performers, the genre of the music being performed and many other factors. Read this blog post to understand the different types of classical concerts.

Family or children’s concerts

For lovers of informal concerts, this is the right concert for you. Normally, it takes lesser time than other concerts. It may feature a family of musicians, young instrumentalists who may belong to an institution or a church. The types of instruments used; the number of performers and the repertoire may vary. This concert type appeals to the whole family.

Chamber orchestra concerts

This type of concert may be composed of 40 musicians or fewer. They perform without a conductor. We also have other forms of orchestral classical music concerts near me that are based on the kind of instruments used, the number of musicians and the type of music performed.

Choral music concerts

A group of singers known as a choir performs this type of music. The size of the choir may vary. It can be as huge as a hundred singers or as few as three singers. Choirs may only use a few instruments or they may sing Capella.

Band concerts

These types of classical concerts consist of musicians that play wind and percussion instruments. They may add other types of instruments depending on the piece of music being performed. The bands are also called wind bands, wind ensembles, symphonic bands and so on.


This type of choir concert combines music with other elements such as stage design, costumes, dancing and singing. Most of them are sung without any spoken lines. The music can be performed by a full orchestra or a small group of musicians. They may also use pre-recorded music.

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