Delhi Girl Shares Her Experience of Hymen Restoration Surgery


Virginity for females is still a taboo in India.

“Females are expected to retain their virginity till marriage and continue to be subjected to various patriarchal doctrines of the Indian society A newlywed bride is expected to bleed after her first intercourse post marriage. A female who bleeds on her wedding night is considered to have proven her chastity and that her hymen is intact.”

I would like to keep my identity confidential.

I was sexually active before marriage. I was in a relationship and we always planned on getting married. But, things did not work out and we parted ways. A couple of months after that, I got engaged to a man, my parents chose for me. I interacted with him and we liked each other. I was happy with how things were going.

But there was one thing bothering me, I was not a virgin but was expected to be one. I had no idea how things would go if my soon to be husband found out I was sexually active before marriage.

I was okay with that, it was all in the past. But I was scared and did not want to risk things. That is when I decided to undergo hymen reconstruction surgery.

A Delhi girl shares her experience of Hymen Restoration Surgery in Delhi

Just a few months ago, a young woman was looking to get a hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi. She was supposed to get married in a couple of months to a traditional and orthodox family. The problem was that she was already sexually active and some cultures might be critical of it. Therefore, to align with the cultural and religious beliefs of her background, she wanted to restore her virginity and wanted to undergo hymenoplasty in Delhi.

Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure for reconstructing hymen, a thin membrane in the vagina. Women go for hymenoplasty for a variety of reasons, ranging from personal to cultural. But one of the most common reasons women undergo hymenoplasty is to restore their physical virginity to line up with premarital expectations of their religion and culture.

Three months before her wedding, she started to research hospitals and facilities that performed hymenoplasty in Delhi, and what exactly the procedure was.  She found a gynecologist online and read excellent reviews about her, and made an appointment. When she met the doctor, she explained her situation. The gynecologist told her about the process of hymenoplasty.

First, she was examined physically so that the gynecologist could ensure that she was fit for the procedure. When this was confirmed, the procedure was explained to her. Hymenoplasty is painless and does not require a completely inactive rest period either. The recovery period would not take more than five weeks, and while recovering, she could go about her work and life.


Being satisfied with the process, a day was scheduled for hymenoplasty. On the decided day, she came in and was prepped for the surgical procedure. She was given anesthesia, and when she gained consciousness a few hours later, even though the hymenoplasty had been done, she didn’t even feel like anything happened at all.

At the time of discharge, she was given some instructions to ensure a quick recovery. For the most part, she was asked to keep the area clean and fresh, wear loose-fitting clothes, not to use any chemicals, and steer clear of intercourse for two to three weeks. An ointment was given for regular applications and she was told to consult immediately if she felt uneasy.

She was discharged and she carried on with her work and the wedding preparations. All the instructions were followed, and attention was paid towards hygiene and regular application of ointments. She did not feel any pain, discomfort, or unease at all. A couple of weeks later, she went back to her gynecologist for a routine check-up. After a physical examination, it was confirmed that she had completely recovered.

She was extremely relieved to hear this as huge worry had been lifted off over her head. She was also pretty happy with the procedure. The best part was that she didn’t even feel like she had undergone surgery at all. Even after the wedding, she faced no complications at all and is leading a happily married life now for the last five months.

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