Data science is expanding fast – are you ready to cope?

Data Science

With the big data revolution, storage and processing of the data became a mammoth task. The processing of the unstructured data generated from multiple sources and predicting the trend has become easier with the advent of data science. Data science has multiple functions using multidisciplinary tools and techniques which principally lead to predictive analysis.

Data science finds its usage in several sectors like marketing, social media, banking, healthcare, travel, and sales.

Few instances of crucial usages of data science

  • A nontraditional sector that data science has become indispensable is in predicting and solving the crime. With constant social media check-ins and using of WiFi and data connectivity, detectives are now using the help of data scientists to invoke advanced algorithms and the predictive feature which is better than traditional methods.

In India, where crime rates are higher, it is sector, where there is a lot of scope for implementing its predictive features to provide for a safe environment.

  • E-commerce is a sector that has seen a major boom in the last half of the decade, the variety, convenience, and the pricing, has made it popular with the crowd. And with such a massive client base, data analytics has become a lifeline for these sites, in maintaining customer profile, forecasting current trends and managing the ever-increasing inventory. So, with the help of analysis, the e-commerce portals have able to target the audience with their required objects and increasing their profit share.

There are numerous other applications of Data science and there will be more in the future. Industries of all shapes and sizes have accepted data as a driving element in their life cycle hence seamless expansion of the field of data science is quite inevitable.

Following the situation, the job market has inclined severely towards data-oriented skills.

The data science market in India

India is a developing economy with global industries and startups finding it as a lucrative market for their products and services. But a recent survey has shown that more than half a million data-oriented jobs are lying vacant because of paucity in qualified personnel. With every industry requiring advanced analysis to stay afloat, there is an extreme demand for data scientists.

Data scientist courses in Delhi have found a lot of takers in the past few years but still, the supply isn’t matching with the ever-increasing demands.


So, whatever be your field of interest, you will find the application of data science. In India, data scientist courses in Delhi are the most popular and if you have not signed up for one, you should without delay! A data scientist’s job is the most lucrative and coveted in recent times. Data scientists earn huge pay checks but they need to remain updated with the ever-evolving technological skills to be relevant to employers. Employers are looking for talented individuals who can prove to be an asset for their organization.

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