“Cyberpunk 2077” Game Overview and Character Classes

Say hello to one of the most anticipated and mouthwatering video game of 2019, “Cyberpunk 2077”. This game takes us into a Dark distant futuristic universe where Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence, and Body augmentation are common.

You play using the character “V” who is actually a Hired Gun in the vast “Night City” and you just got your first serious contract. You’ll be able to make decisions that will lead to variable situations, take out important players/game characters while you alter or achieve specific milestones and upgrade yourself with a variety of cyberware, however you like it to be. Much like traditional role-playing games, your character’s background and interests play a key role in their growth and base stats.


“You are V, a Cyberpunk. In a world of cyber-enhanced street warriors, tech-savvy netrunners and corporate life-hackers, today is your first step to becoming an urban legend.„

— CD Projekt Red


Character Classes:

Here are the details of 3 main character classes of Cyberpunk 2077, based on how they perform in the Game.

  • NetRunner

These guys are the future Net addicts or I’d rather say Net fanatics. Like every other VR addict, these Net Junkies prefer living their lives through the unlimited possibilities provided to them in the Net’s artificial universe.

NetRunners are Hackers of the Night City. Equipped with Hacker Body modifications they explore the Net using brain-computer interface implants, tracking down information for interested parties. Their technical skills branch out to hacking, programming, electronics, and cybersecurity.

Interface: Interface is a special ability of NetRunners, which allows them to plug themselves into the network and use data as a weapon. They have advanced cybernetic hacker modifications that allow them to literally plug into the minds of enemies and corrupt/hurt it with viruses.

  • Solo

It’s quite obvious from the class title, these guys are the lone combatants in the game. They play as EdgeRunner, Hitman or a Bodyguard and take jobs from whoever is paying them. A large number of this class have a military background. When hurt or fatally injured, a solo player may replace lost limbs with cybernetic prosthetics… Wow, now that’s something interesting. They are the hardcore fighting force of the Cyber World, with skills in weaponry, combat proficiencies, stealth, perception, and athletics.


Combat Sense: Combat sense is the special ability of Sol classes. Granting them with a heightened sensory awareness of possible threats, enabling them to notice traps, perceive danger, and generally sense harm.


Solo is an effective Cyberpunk 2077 Warrior class and the most logical choice for anyone looking to make the most out of Night City.


  • Techie 

Techies are the craftsmen of Night City in Cyberpunk 2077. These characters are busy doing illegal / banned engineering and cybernetic developments for a variety of interested candidates/parties. They provide building, fixing, and modifying technology and services which includes tinkering with Cybernetic Augments. They can build new gadgets, undetectable traps, sabotage tech and use their hacking abilities to their advantage in a combat situation – a highly valuable skill set in huge demand among the cyber-enhanced citizens of this neon cyber world. Their skills relate to many different types of tech, as well as weapon-smith, teaching, and electronic security.


Jury Rig: a special ability of Techie class. This ability enables a Techie’s proficiency for improvised engineering of Basic and Advanced Body modifications.


Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silverhand :

The creators of Cyberpunk 2077, felt it was a Natural Pick and Keanu is a very experienced actor of a similar genre. We were very excited to be working with him.”

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