3 Crucial Reasons Why JUUL Is And Will Continue Being Popular In NZ


Why is JUUL presently popular and certain to continue being so for many years into the future? Can you pick the reason for this out? Several experts believe that all products ultimately turn popular as a result of three key factors; the quality offered by the product itself (or even an excellent product design), accessibility and availability, as well as marketing. This product is not an exception.

Excellent product design

The JUUL device and its pods, which are inserted into it, are produced by JUUL labs. In look, the device appears quite similar to a normal flash drive and could be charged in a computer’s USB port. According to the producer, all of the device’s pods feature flavourings together with 0.7ml of e-liquid with 3% or 5% nicotine according to weight. The producer claims that its 5% pods feature the equivalent volume of nicotine as a conventional packet of cigarettes. The pods are offered in eight varying flavours.

What truly sets this device apart is its small profile and effectiveness. Previous vaping devices, such as the box mod setups, seemed to be too bulky and featured truly high costs of start-up. JUUL bypassed all former issues by producing a tiny device that could fit easily into virtually any pocket and also utilises a disposable pod system. If your tank goes empty, all you need do is throw it away and pop a new one in. No refilling of tanks or changing of burnt out coils or any of such nonsense. This is why most users do not mind the JUUL price in NZ.

Effective marketing

Social media continues to fuel the popularity of the device thus it will stay relevant for a truly long period. It is the first major e-cig brand to heavily depend on social media to heavily promote and market its quality products. The initial marketing expenditure of the brand in conventional channels was quite modest in comparison to competing brands, and the expenditure got decreased as the amazing brand increased its content are was given a lot more promotion on varying social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Accessibility and availability

JUUL devices and pods are offered for sale on the company’s official website as well as other varying online retailers and in vape shops, convenience stores, and tobacco retailers. To access the brand’s website, a user has to show that he is up to 21 or more years old by just clicking a button, but the company asserts that it utilises much stricter age verification processes for all online purchases.

Even though the device’s upfront cost might be seen as high, some advocates have shared interesting stories of kids pooling money together to share one device and even sell ‘hits’ from it to recoup their initial cost.

These are the three foremost reasons for which JUUL is and will keep on being quite popular around the whole world. The three popularity factors – excellent product design, great and effective marketing, and easy accessibility and availability – are all featured by the amazing product. So, you rest assured that you will be seeing it around for some time.

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