Common challenges and issues that staffing agencies face

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An engineering staffing agency near you is the best option if you want to fill an engineering position in your company. Staffing companies face change due to a limited supply of talent, new technology, and economic uncertainty. In this article, we will explain the key ports and give our thoughts about the industry-specific points that staffing firms go through and how to manage them.


As a staffing company, it is crucial to figure out which technology will help you make more placements that will stick. However, this is a great challenge. It is also something you need to spend a lot of time on because if you do not, you will be left behind.

Most experienced staffing agencies grew up as traditional companies and are now struggling to figure out how to use digital sources of candidates such as LinkedIn. It is like everyone has got a database of a lot of candidates but cannot qualify and query the candidates to get the best fit.

Candidate driven market

When it comes to labor, demand and supply are very simple. There are few candidates available than the available jobs. This can be seen from high-end technology or engineering to those filling the blue-collar jobs. There are a lot of open positions but there are not enough people with the right skills for those positions.

Candidates have control when it comes to the technology that connects them with jobs and might not need to use an engineering staffing agency. This includes human cloud work, online marketplaces, and tools that facilitate proper communication between the traditional recruitment agencies and their database of candidates.

Candidates hold all their cards right now and this is a change from what used to happen in the past. If you are not focused on creating a perfect experience for your candidates, they will go elsewhere and you will lose in the long run.


While the term ghosting is more prevalent in dating apps, it is a problem for the staffing industry too. Ghosting involves people starting their assignments and leaving after one day or two. They know that there can get other jobs elsewhere. It is very costly for recruitment companies. It hurts your relationship with your client and makes you lose the investment you put in recruiting and training the worker.

Unfortunately, solving this problem is very difficult. It is hard to know that a certain worker will ghost you. But doing proper background checks and asking the candidates why they stopped working for a certain company can help. If you realize that a candidate has made a habit of leaving jobs after a few months then you should avoid them during recruitment.

Owner time pressure

An engineering staffing agency near you can become bogged down by the business’ guts – spending time on various back-office functions such as payroll and tax, invoicing, or pulling information from various systems in order to get the basic metrics such as time to fill for recruiters. It can take hours and none of those functions will drive your revenue. You should therefore invest in efficient systems.

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