Cleaning Versus Disinfecting Your Home During The Pandemic!

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All of us have been more concerned about cleaning our houses these days than ever before. Almost all of us are bound to our homes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic for our safety. Concern about cleaning is at rising as the pandemic wends its way through the US.

 It is important to understand that cleaning and disinfecting are two different terms. As for now all of us should be focusing on cleaning but disinfecting everything around us is crucial these days. It is the only way to avoid viral infection.

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Let us see how cleaning and disinfecting differ from each other.


In general, cleaning refers to the removal of visible dirt and debris. The general cleaning methods also remove germs and other impurities. When you clean a surface, you tend to remove the germs without being concerned about killing them.

It reduces the chances of transmission of infectious agents from the surfaces. Daily washing, mopping and vacuuming your house floors and other areas are included in the cleaning. This does not target the killing of microorganisms.


As the term aptly suggests, disinfecting is strictly targeted to kill infectious agents. As we are living through the pandemic, it is essential to disinfect your house. You cannot rely on general cleaning methods but the use of EPA approved disinfecting chemicals is highly suggested.

The best way to get rid of almost all of the germs is to first clean the area properly. Once you have cleaned the area, use the disinfecting chemicals for a safer household.

According to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and the World Health Organization, you can use bleach, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. You can find a list of EPA approved chemicals on the official website.

General Recommendations For Disinfecting Your Home 

Following is a summary of the general recommendation for disinfecting your home effectively.

1. Hard Or Non-Porous Surfaces

Use disposable gloves for cleaning and make sure that you are discarding the pair after each cleaning session. After you remove the gloves and discard them. wash your hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds.

Clean the dirty surfaces before the disinfection. Use disinfecting wipes or soft microfiber cloth to apply disinfecting chemicals over the surface. Let it air dry.

A working bleach solution can be prepared by mixing five tablespoons of bleach per gallon of water.

2. Soft Or Porous Surfaces

Use the general cleaning methods for the soft surfaces to remove contaminants. If the soft surfaces can be laundered, wash them at the highest possible temperature recommended by the manufacturer. Heat effectively kills the virus.

Make sure that the items are properly dried after washing them. If it is possible, discard the soft surface used by an infected person. The official website of EPA has listed the items suitable for disinfecting soft and porous surfaces.

3. Electronics

Electronics can carry infectious agents and cause transmission. It is essential to disinfect touch screens, cell phones, tablets, and keyboards.

If you can buy wipe-able covers for each of them, disinfecting becomes easier and much more effective. If you are using alcohol-based cleaners, it should contain at least 70% of alcohol.

4. Beddings And Clothing

Infection control services can be requested to thoroughly disinfect your house after confirmed viral infection cases in your home.

Use disposable gloves while laundering the clothing and bedding of an infected person. It is better not to shake the clothes to minimize the risk of airborne infections.

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