Choosing the Perfect Waist Aprons for Women and Men Serving Your Guests

Running a restaurant takes a lot of moving parts. There are menus to make, supply connections for both food and utensils to establish, employees to train, and lots of marketing to handle. As with any big project, the devil is in the details, and there are hundreds of little details to consider. What font do you want to use on your logo and menus? What sort of plates will you use? What kind of aprons do you need? One thing that is easy is deciding where to order your waist aprons for women and men working in your restaurant. With free shipping on select orders, no minimum order requirement, and plenty of cut, color, and customization options, no matter what specifics you need, Best Aprons has you covered.

The top priority of any apron is, of course, to protect the person wearing it from spills and kitchen mishaps. All of Best Apron’s poly-cotton blend waist aprons for women and men are both soil resistant and wrinkle-resistant and durable enough to stand up to the frequent washes every restaurant-quality apron must face. All of these waist aprons are unisex in style and size, making them perfect for any employee, and they are even offered in plus sizes and kids sizes for uniformity across the board. The aprons are simple yet elegant, creating a sleek and professional look that is versatile and fits into any restaurant environment. All you need to do is decide the cut and color, and whether or not you want your restaurant logo embroidered on the front.

To pick the right cut and color for your restaurant’s aprons, you need to consider what kind of impression you want to leave on your guests. When in doubt, the classic black waist apron is always a good safety net to fall back on. But for the more daring, Best Aprons offers over twenty different color options on all of their aprons. Pick through neutral tones like Charcoal Gray and Khaki, or add a pop of energy into your dining experience with energetic colors like Pink and Turquoise. Match your aprons to your brand’s signature color, or simply match the interior decorating style to your employee’s outfits for a cohesive look. Should you choose to switch to a different cut apron in the future, Best Aprons offers the same colors on all of their aprons, allowing you to make a seamless transition.

Waist aprons for women and men in the service industry come in several different styles, all of which can be easily found at When you browse by style on their site, Best Aprons divides their waist aprons into three distinct categories: short waist aprons, mid-length waist aprons, and full-length waist aprons. A majority of your choice will depend on personal preference, but it helps to consider the types of restaurants you typically see each style of apron at. Mid-length waist aprons are typically the standard default for most places. Best Aprons’ mid-length waist aprons fall just above the knee at 19 inches long and can be ordered with or without pockets for holding ordering pads, pens, and other utensils. These aprons look right at home in both formal and casual atmospheres, making them a great fit for any restaurant.

If you’re looking for something a little more energetic and fun, then a short waist apron is the way to go. Best Aprons’ short aprons are around 12 inches in length and like the mid-length aprons, these can be ordered with or without pockets. Short waist aprons are popular in cute little ice cream shops and delis, where servers spend more time behind the counter. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Best Aprons’ full-length waist aprons are an impressive 32 inches long and typically reserved for more formal dining atmospheres.

The trick to knowing which apron to get is knowing what atmosphere you want to create. After that, the choice is easy to make, and with free shipping on all orders over $25, Best Aprons makes it simple and easy to get exactly what you need.

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