Choose The Right Eco-Friendly Bags For Your Products

No matter what you are selling whether you are selling groceries, woods, or food products from the manufacturing plant to the retailers. So that they can be reached to the required customers, you might need a sorted way of packaging or transporting them.

Perhaps, you might need a packaging wholesale Pacific Bags Australia that can be used to store products and can be recycled. Let me tell you can buy varieties of bags to store the products or if your business produces a large variety of goods you can also go for colorful bags to easily distinguish between the products.

Eco-friendly wholesale bags are more durable, stronger than the conventional bags and are easy to transport. One of the advantages is that you can add a message with the logo for your business branding.

Here are the various varieties of Pacific Bags Australia that you can use to make sure, products are reaching safely to the customers.

  • Builder Bags:

Builder bags are ideal for transporting huge amounts of stones, sand, soil, and other materials used in construction. These bags are square in shape and are easy to load on any vehicle.

Builder waste bags are available in various sizes, colors, and has a huge capability to handle the load. With several colors, it becomes easy to distinguish between the products if you sell varieties of food products, sands, soils.

  • Firewood bags:

Firewood bag is manufactured to easily store the logs as it helps by increasing the air circulation during storage. Firewood bags wholesale retains the product quality and helps long-last use of firewood logs. These bags come in various sizes according to the quantity needed by the customers as well as retailers. These bags, produced from the woven polypropylene fabric having superior durability, less prone to breakage, and does not degrade when wet.

  • Bulk Bags:

Bulk Bags called FIBC made up of circular fabric and used in fertilizer industries. Thus, there are further numerous varieties of bulk bags for sale which includes.

  • 1 & 2 Loop FIBC:  These bulk bags for sale includes weight up to 1500kg and can be coated to transport fine powdery stuff.


  • 4 Loop FIBC: These Bulk Bags are flexible and have a variety of lifting options, thus can also be customized according to the business requirement. 4 Loop FIBC has several lifting options such as Edge corner loops, Corner Loops, etc.


  • Hazardous goods Bags: Hazardous material bags made in order to prevent any harm to the environment or other people. Thus, hazardous bags are designed and are certified to store hazardous goods.


  • Ventilated Bags: Ventilated Bulk Bags are used to provide air ventilation within the bags as these are manufactured bu using ventilated fabric. Thus, help the material to remain fresh. Ventilated bags, basically used in the storage and transportation of agricultural goods. Opting for these bags can help you store goods for quite a long time, considering the fact that ventilated bags are breathable.


  • Chaff Bags: These bags are made up of polypropylene and used to store various varieties of chaff bags for sale for wholesale selling online. These bags are durable and have high resistance. They are mended to carry heavy objects and are quite reluctant to tearing or breaking the bag straps.


  • Wool Bags: These are also called garden bags or Bale bags. They are made up of high-quality polypropylene and has a high density. You can not only use garden bags for compost purpose but also for collecting leaves as well as other gardening material.


  • Skip Bags: Skip bags are usually used as an alternative for steel bin bags that are used for renovation projects or cleaning activities. They are the perfect option as they are highly durable and offers great convenience compared to tradition streel bags or bins. They are super spacious, strong and flexible. You can easily store them, as they are also very compact and lightweight.


These up-mentioned bags were a few examples of heavy-duty bags that is reliable and has a huge capacity of carrying, storing and transporting services. So, in case you own a firm that deals with delivering heavy goods, then you surely should consider buying such bags. They will make sure that your goods reach safely to your customers.

One additional advantage of purchasing bags online is that there are websites that provide you with the service of customization. So, you can easily share with them your company’s logo design and ask them to get it printed on the bags. This will help you with your company’s branding in no money.

These bags are available online at affordable pricing. You can now order them by visiting any website. All you need is to fill a form and rest of the work is handled by the wholesale bags company itself. They will call you for knowing the order details and ultimately send you the required product in a given timeline.

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