Characteristics of a Successful Business Leader

Many leadership qualities are determined throughout history.

Some were adopted by unhealthy leaders whereas others were exhibited by sensible leaders.

In either case, the characteristics of these answerable related to their ability to accomplish their goals. even as significantly, those self-same traits determined what quantity – or however very little – their followers researched to them.

Fortunately, you’ll place history on your aspect and use the learning from others to develop admirable leadership strengths.

Here’s the deal:

There are a unit seven specific qualities of fine leaders that stand out as contributively to their greatness.

The good news is that every of those leadership attributes, characteristics, and traits are often learned through observe and repetition.

Here are a unit the seven most known qualities of nice leaders and executives:


“Good business leaders produce a vision, articulate the vision, turbulently own the vision, and unrelentingly drive it to completion.” – Jack Welch

Great leaders have a vision… they’ll see into the longer term.

They have a transparent, exciting plan of wherever going and what they’re making an attempt to accomplish and are glorious at strategic designing.

This quality separates them from managers. Having a transparent vision turns the individual into a special variety of person.

While a manager gets the task done, nice leaders’ faucet into the emotions of their workers.


“Courage is justly thought of the foremost of the virtues, for upon it, all others rely.” – statesman

One of a lot of vital qualities of an honest leader is courageousness. Having the standard of courageousness means you’re willing to require risks within the accomplishment of your goals with no assurance of success. as a result of there’s no certainty in life or business, each commitment you create and each action you are taking entails a risk of some kind.

Among the seven leadership qualities, courageousness is that the most acknowledgeable outward attribute.


“With integrity, you’ve got nothing to worry, since you’ve got nothing to cover. With integrity, you’ll do the proper issue, thus you’ll haven’t any guilt.” – angular shape Ziglar

In each strategic designing session that I even have conducted for big and little firms, the primary price that everyone the gathered executives agree upon for his or her company is integrity. all of them agree on the importance of complete honesty in everything they are doing, each internally and outwardly.

The core of integrity is honesty.

Integrity needs that you just forever tell the reality, to all or any folks, in each state of affairs. Honesty is that the foundation quality of the trust that’s necessary for the success of any business.

Strategic designing:

“Strategy isn’t the consequence of designing, however the opposite: it’s the start line.” – Henry Mintzberg

Great leader’s area unit outstanding at strategic designing. It’s another one amongst a lot of vital leadership strengths. they need the power to seem ahead, to anticipate with some accuracy wherever the business and also the markets area unit going.

Leaders have the power to anticipate trends, well ahead of their competitors.

Because of increasing aggressiveness, solely the leaders and organizations accurately anticipate future markets can presumably survive. solely leaders with foresight will gain the “first mover advantage.”


“Successful folks maintain a positive focus in life regardless of what’s occurring around them. They keep targeted on their past successes instead of their past failures, and on consequent action steps they have to require to urge them nearer to the fulfilment of their goals instead of all the opposite distractions that life presents to them. – Jack solitaire

Leaders forever specialise in the requirements of the corporate and also the state of affairs. Leaders specialise in results, on what should be achieved by themselves, by others, and by the corporate. nice leaders specialise in strengths, in themselves and in others.

They specialise in the strengths of the organization, on the items that the corporate will best in satisfying exacting customers in an exceedingly competitive marketplace.

Your ability as a frontrunner to decision the shots and make certain that everybody is targeted and focused on the foremost valuable use of their time is important to the wonderful performance of the enterprise.


“If your imagination leads you to grasp however quickly folks grant your requests once those requests attractiveness to their self-interest, you’ll have much something you trail.” – Napoleon Hill

Your ability to urge everybody operating and propulsion along is important to your success. Leadership is that the ability to urge folks to figure for you as a result of they need to. Hopefully these characteristics will help a business owner become a business leader like John Lusink in any industry. John Lusink Realtor, who serves as Director on the Toronto Real Estate Board and as a Chairman of the Government Relations Committee can be a perfect example for business leadership.

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