Bulk Food Storage Mistakes You Need To Avoid

If you buy wholesale food from wholesale deli food suppliers Australia, you should learn the best storage techniques for your food. Being careless in packaging your food could lead to losses. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when storing bulk food.

Leaving your food containers open

This is a common mistake that may seem obvious to some people but it isn’t. A lot of people believe that they can just leave rice and pasta storage containers open, whether from their bulk bag or a regular box but bacteria and moisture can negatively affect the quality of your food products.

This can make your customers sick and it will increase the spoilage of your food. It is, therefore, important to always close the containers of your food unless it is fresh vegetables and fruits that you are just storing for a short while. When you get your food from your wholesale food suppliers, it is essential to ensure the food is in the appropriate containers before storing it.

Not rotating your bulk food

While it may seem logical to purchase more of what you are low on and add it to what you already have if this is how you often shop then you will end up with flour, beans and oats that are years old or even food that has gone bad at the bottom of the storage containers.

You should either finish the food in the container before purchasing more or dump the old food into another container and store fresh food in the container.

Not washing your container

Sometimes, when you receive your bulk food from wholesale deli food suppliers Australia, you don’t have time to clean the containers. Whether you store bulk food in metal, glass, heavy-duty plastic or ceramic containers, they are not anti-viral and anti-bacterial. You should clean the containers first before storing food items.

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