5 Valuable Features That Make Awesun The Best Teamviewer Alternative

Teamviewer Alternative

There are lots of valuable yet amazing features that make the AweSunthe best TeamViewer alternative when it comes to remote desktop software and applications. Thus, if you are seeking the remote support tool that is quite cost-effective yet packs lots of amazing handy features, then this is it for you. Your app needs to include a few vital features to be capable of delivering actual value to both you as well as your customers. This article lists just a few of the many of such valuable features offered by AweSun.

1. Handling of multi-sessions

The ability to easily yet effectively multi-task is key to offering the highest level of remote support. Unluckily, several vendors of remote desktop software place certain limitations on the number of support sessions you are capable of running at the same time. Nevertheless, would it not be a lot handier to be capable of running as many sessions as you have to and also be capable of switching between them quite conveniently in the process? You can easily do that with the AweSun app.

2. Multi-window control

The capability of opening multiple remote desktop control windows up comes in quite handy whenever you are required to support many users at the same time. AweSun is among the only few tools that enable you to easily yet conveniently switch between a couple of remote control windows, and even get files transferred between remote desktops by utilizing a built-in drag-and-drop transfer feature.

3. Built-in chat

These days, instant messaging is virtually everything, and remote desktop support isn’t exempted. As soon as you have established a remote desktop appconnection, AweSun’s built-in chat will enable you and your customer to exchange messages and remain updated on what is precisely occurring on the remote end without needing to pick your phone up or even send an email each time a new challenge arises. And if you re the kind that loves to use your voice, the app’s two-way audio feature enables you to use audio communication still without picking up your phone.

4. Remote screen scaling

AweSun’s remote screen scaling feature makes it a lot easier for you to perform tasks on any remote machine that features a screen resolution that is smaller or larger than your own. With the platform’s synchronized clipping feature, you could always select between varying scaling options to get the remote control window adjusted according to the screen resolution settings of the remote user, or based on your requirements and preferences.

5. Customization and branding

With the progressive rise in scamming and other varying fraudulent activities, it has become extremely crucial for clients to be able to distinguish between legitimate service providers and those that cannot be trusted. Software branding options offered by remote AweSuntools enable you to customize clients’ applications to match your website and brand’s appearance and help to effectively eliminate potential confusion among new clients.

In conclusion, even though there are a lot of others, these are the five foremost valuable features that make AweSun the foremost Teamviewer alternative out there. The key reasons are enough to make you consider trying the amazing tool to see a real boost in the performance of your business.

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