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Digital marketing certification is the new thing in the market and so many people are going for the same. Based on this, industries are getting a highly skilled professional, who are increasing the values of their business, and individuals getting jobs.

Acquiring the best skills in digital marketing is the perfect way to grab a place in any good company. There are so many certification courses that several institutions are providing, which gives the opportunity to industries to seek out talents.

If you get certified with any of the digital marketing certifications, then you can renew that periodically, and with the updates will be in your grasp. If your dream career is in marketing then, going for the traditional studies, you can directly enroll in the digital marketing services, which will surely help you become a marketer. Here, are some choices that you can select from.

Google Analytics Certification                                  

There are several digital marketing certifications by Google. In this case, you can always go with the Google Analytics Certification program. In the case of business, this is one of the major things in the enhancement of SEO ranking. Being Google Analytics certified will authorize you to use Google Analytics within your company and also train the other employees to use the tool.

To get certified you have to take an exam and pass the Google Analytics assessment. The test is for 90 minutes. You will get 70 questions and 80% is the passing score. You will receive the exam results within 48 hours. After passing, you will get a certificate from Google. The certification has to be renewed once in 18 months. This entire thing comes free of cost.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords certification is for professionals who have the best knowledge of basic and advanced workings of Google Ads. With this certification, you will become an authorized expert in online advertising.

You can get the certification from the Academy for Ads. If you don’t have an account with this then, you can always make one. After the setting up of the account, you will get access to the free Google ADs certification evaluation. There are various Google Ads product areas that you can choose from. Some of the additional assessments available to get the certificate are,

  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising

This assessment is also free of cost, but you have to renew the certification, after some time.

HubSpot content marketing certification

As you know that content is king in today’s world and content marketing is the main pillar of an effective digital marketing strategy. In this case, if you get the HubSpot content marketing certificate then, it is certainly a good thing to do for your career and your company as well.

All marketers these days should have writing and communication skills and understand the way to build scalable and repeatable working systems. Then, they have to know how they can implement and execute the same on their strategy of content marketing.

It covers several aspects of content marketing strategy, which consists of, storytelling, content ideation, content creation framework, content promotion, analyzation, and content repurposing.

Check out these above-mentioned digital marketing certifications, and there are several other, such as Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification, Facebook Ad Certification, YouTube Certification.

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