Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feed On The Website



Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms available out there with a billion active users monthly users. Instagram is a visual-heavy platform with immense opportunities for both consumers & businesses. Here we are discussing about the benefits of embedding Instagram feed on website.

For businesses especially, Instagram has a lot of potential to offer like Geo-tagging, promotional stories, striking visuals, shop-ability, and much more.

Also, linking your online presence with social media presence will add further beneficial aspects to your business as well. This can be done through embedding Instagram feed on your website.

Embedding Instagram feed might sound like a complex and technical process but it is an extremely simple & easy process.

Instagram, hashtags, and business.
Instagram as a social media platform is tremendously interactive, attractive, addictive to the users.

The presence of the audience, influencers, and the brands altogether make it a perfect marketplace with ample opportunities for everyone to satisfy their respective needs.

Hashtags are like key identification words or phrase that allows the enhanced discoverability to a piece of content they are attached to. Instagram hashtags are key elements that allow easy & simple content discoverability to users.

Hashtags further allow you to organize, categorize, and aggregate content for better optimization and management.

Hashtags are essential for marketers to inculcate in their social media marketing strategy. And embedding the Instagram feed works with social media aggregation tool fetching content from Instagram using Hashtags as hooks.

We have listed some key benefits of embed Instagram feed on your website.

1. Reach expansion & increase consumer base

Embedding Instagram feed into your website helps in channelizing traffic from this social platform to your website as it builds a bridge between the website and social media for the users to access.

This does not only help you showcase your online presence & products but also you can amplify your social influence.

The link between your website and Instagram will allow more and more users to come to your website, thereby expanding your business reach to new horizons.

Now about the consumers, It is a known fact that more visitors lead to more conversions & customers. Therefore, when you will channelize the traffic from Instagram to your website.

It will increase the chances of conversions and will lead to an increment in the customer base for the business.

2. Amplify interactions, engagement & average dwell time

Instagram’s content is highly engaging and addictive for the users making them scroll more and dig deeper into the content hub. And embedding allows the users to access all this content & your own content on your website.

Social media aggregation and embedding tools let you collect all the relevant and interesting content on a topic or theme or profile into one place. This makes users’ work easier and more attractive.

Users will engage more with the content and feed will allow interaction possibilities to the users leading to increased interactions, engagement, and amplified dwell time.

Dwell time is a key metric that is positively related to the SERP ranking for any website and better ranking results to more impressions & visitors.

3. Build Social proof & brand image

Social proof & brand image are two crucial aspects that influence the consumer’s engagement & purchase decisions towards a brand. Therefore, having a positive brand image & social proof will help hugely in driving consumers to your business.

Showcasing all-important UGC from Instagram on your website will help in building trust, authenticity, reliability, and enhanced brand image among the consumers.

Social proof with maximum traffic will result in positive word-of-mouth and will help your brand to grow organic presence and maximized conversions with growing revenue.

Social proof and brand image add credibility and make customers loyal to your brand.

4. Real-time display & visual appeal

The key advantage of adding Instagram feed into the website is that you can display fresh, unique, and updated content from Instagram into your website in real-time.

The real-time updated content display will provide a superior browsing experience to the users as they will find the all-important updated content in a single place.

Besides, the feed also adds vibrancy to your website through visual content as Instagram is a visual-heavy social platform.

Enhancing the visual appeal of the website will provide attractiveness and creativity to the website. And visual content is way more engaging to the audience than the plain text content.

5. Add Shoppability

You can even add a shoppability factor to the Instagram hashtag feed on the website allowing users to buy the products in real-time directly from the feed.

This helps in shortening the consumer’s buying journey by converting the point of inspiration into point of sale. The possibility of shopping directly from the post enhances the product discoverability on your website.

Easy and simple product discoverability through feed containing visual UGC will immensely help in attracting, engaging, and converting users into customers.


Social media platforms are highly valuable in delivering returns to businesses for their marketing efforts.

Instagram is one such social media platform that can deliver higher engagement & conversions through its hashtags & content. With this potential, it becomes essential that you combine your social presence with your online presence.

Embedding Instagram feed on your website is one such step that will amplify the effective of your marketing strategy.

There are various Instagram aggregation tools that can allow you to aggregate content from Instagram and embed it on your website. They can also provide many other features and benefits for your business to increase sales & conversions.

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