Benefits Of Drinking Water During Exercises

Water constitutes almost seventy per cent of our body tissues, and if this seventy per cent is missing by any chance, you are sure to suffer from some serious ailment. Water is one of the valuable, pertinent and the most crucial part of our survival. They say that water gives life and to sustain life it is all the more important. 

Now, we all know why we need to drink water. Throughout the day, we sweat, urinate etc. and hence lose water from our bodies continuously. But the amount of water we lose, we need to intake more than that because not only do we need to replenish the amount lost, but we also need to supply water for the various bodily functions.

The Importance of Hydration during Exercises

The Working of the Body While Exercising:-

When we exercise, we are working the muscles in our body. Now, these muscles will draw energy partly from the oxygen that we are breathing in and partly from the subcutaneous fat that is present in our bodies. Now, fat contains almost twenty-five per cent of water and it is this water along with the oxygen which provides energy when we exercise.

As a result, the fat gets reduced, but in turn, the water content of the body also falls. In such a situation, the body needs to be supplied with water from outside because the internal water is being used up through exercise. Thus, we need continuous hydration during exercises.

Effects Of Not Having Water While Exercising

Nothing much is going to happen (as most people think), but you might just faint due to lack of water supply to your brain and nerves or else you will feel fatigue and pain in your muscles. This happens because the muscles of our body, in the absence of water, start respiring anaerobically as a result of which lactic acid is produced.

When this lactic acid rises above a certain limit within the muscles it has a terrifically toxic effect on the same and the muscles can no longer work properly variancetv. So, we need hydration during exercises for the muscles to respire aerobically.

Why Water Is The Miracle Liquid?

Most importantly, water is the best coolant that is available to us. It has the greatest capacity among fluids to trap heat from one surface into its self. That is why when we drink water we feel a cooling sensation in our throat.

When we exercise, our body produces heat as all of you must have felt; we feel intensely hot after exercising. If we do not practice hydration during exercises, then a heat stroke is an exceedingly dangerous possibility. Hydration during exercises cools our body temperature significantly decreasing chances of any such stroke.

Moreover, it maintains the osmotic balance within our body as well as helps maintain the fluidity of blood. The more water one drinks that many times the blood gets purified by the kidneys and the more water the kidneys can sieve out the better it is for the dispelling of toxins present in our system.

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