Beginner’s Guide: 2 Things to Do Before You Take Part in a Birding Trip


Bird watching is a form of wildlife observation that is both an enjoyable as well as an enlightening experience for the ones who love to spend their time amidst nature. Nowadays, it is quite a popular hobby, and bird lovers travel all throughout the world to observe different types of birds, know their characteristics, calls, and many more. If you also have an interest in this field and want to observe different bird species, then pack your bag and come to China.

Though there are numerous places in China where you can visit for bird watching, Sichuan and Qinghai stand out from the rest. These provinces are not just famous for beautiful birds but also for its serene natural beauty. So, if you are also interested in these Qinghai or Sichuan birding tours, then take a break from your daily schedule and come here for bird watching. However, only planning the tour is not enough; you need to focus on certain things before you take part in a birding tour. If you are a newbie in this field, then you may not know about the things do before taking part in such a tour. To help you, here, we put together 3 crucial things to focus on prior to a birding tour. Take a look.

1. Read about birds

When you go for a birding tour in Sichuan or Qinghai, you will witness different types of birds including Golden Pheasant, Tibetan Snowcock, Black-necked Crane, Chinese Nuthatches, Spoon-billed Sandpiper etc. And without knowing about these beautiful creatures, you can hardly identify them and distinguish a species from another. So, you should study the characteristics of the birds, the history of their evolution, their habitats and many more. You can also hear the recordings of the sounds of the birds so that you can identify them based on that. You will get abundant information about birds on the internet. Read about different species of birds before taking part in a birding tour.

2. Book a trip from a reputable company

There are diverse companies that offer different types of birding tours in different parts of China. However, if you choose a company on a random basis then you may not get the desired services from them. And for this, always do a thorough research before you pick a travel company for booking the trip. You should check the services that they offer. While some companies only offer birding tours to the travelers, other include some additional services such as reservation, gear renting, and many more, as well as customize the trips based on the preferences and budget of the bird lovers. Moreover, you should also ask about the experience of the tour guide in this field. It is because an inexperienced guide can hardly help you during the trip. If you are satisfied with all these things, then you can opt for the company.

As you are now familiar with the things that you should focus on during a birding trip, , look for a company that offers an exciting and well-organized Sichuan or Qinghai bird watching tour and book a preferred birding trip immediately without any delay .

Author Bio: Rio Lee, a regular blogger on Qinghai and Sichuan birding tours, here writes on 2 things that a novice bird watcher should do before taking part in a Sichuan or Qinghai bird watching tour.

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