All Your Questions Regarding Blackout Lenses Answered

Blackout lenses or black sclera lenses, as they are commonly called, are the latest trend to hit the market. From Halloween to costume parties, blackout lenses are in the spotlight. While they may give an extremely haunting and eerie look to the wearer, they also look a bit daunting to use as they cover the entire cornea and the sclera.

If you have thought about using these lenses at the next costume party but are intimidated, rest assured, we are here to allay any fear or anxiety you may have regarding blackout contact lenses.

Here we answer some of the queries regarding these amazing lenses.

Putting in the Blackout Lenses

Since these blackout lenses are larger in diameter as compared to other costume lenses, it may seem a bit scary to actually put them in. Rest your fears as putting them in is not as difficult as it looks. Before you even consider touching your lenses, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry them on a lint-free towel.

Gently scoop the lens in your palm and inspect it properly for any tears or cracks. Once you have ensured that they are perfectly fine to put in, you can follow any of the two methods.

  • The ‘looking up’ method is similar to how you would put a normal contact lens, where you tilt your head back, look up and place the lens in the upper part of the eye and let it slide. Once you release your lids, slowly and carefully, the lens will slide into the center of the eye.
  • The ‘looking down’ method is slightly different. For this method, you will need to place a towel on the counter with a mirror on it. Your lens should be in your palm in such a way that its cup side is up. The lens bowl should be filled with the rinsing solution and your head should be positioned in such a way that your face is almost parallel to the counter.

    Open your eye wide enough with the help of the index finger and the thumb of the free hand. Look down into the mirror as you slide in the sclera lens and slowly release the upper lid first and then the lower lid and let the lens slide into its position.

Removing Your Lenses

Removing your blackout lenses is easy and similar to how you would remove a regular lens. However, keep in mind that these lenses are larger so you may need to grip them with a steady hold when taking them out.

Another thing to remember is that you should use comfort drops in your eyes the first time you are taking them off. This will help in easy and smooth removal of the lenses.

Time Duration for Wearing These Lenses

Just like other costume lenses, sclera lenses are not to be worn for any medical purposes. These lenses are purely manufactured for cosmetic purposes. That said, if you do have any visual issues, a powered sclera lens can be provided.

These lenses can be worn easily from 4-6 hours. Make sure that you take them off within the prescribed period of time and do so carefully. Never go to bed wearing your lenses.

Getting Used to Wearing Sclera Lenses

One of the most intimidating aspect of blackout lenses is that they are larger in diameter than regular lenses. However, wearing them is not a problem at all. You will need some time to get used to wearing the lenses and it is advised that if you are wearing them for a party, you wear them at least once or twice prior to the big event. This way you won’t be conscious about the lenses.

Blackout Doesn’t Mean that You Are Completely Blinded

Blackout contact lenses are a sure-shot way of shocking your friends and getting accolades at the party.

Blackout lenses, though cover the entire eye, have a small opening in the center to ensure that your pupil is not covered. This will enable you to see clearly and not be blinded by the lens. This is actually a misconception about the blackout lenses that they blind you completely but this is not true at all.

Always Handle your Lenses Carefully

Just like other lenses, you have to ensure that you look after your lenses carefully and follow the safety rules.

  • Never touch your lenses until and unless you have thoroughly washed your hands.
  • Never use your fingernail when handling the lenses.
  • Always disinfect your lenses and clean them properly before and after you use them.
  • Keep them in their lens case at all times, when you are not using them.
  • Never share your contact lenses with anyone.

Give Everyone the Creeps at the Next Costume Party by Wearing Blackout Lenses!

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