Affordable Full Stretcher Earrings Kits at King’s Body Jewelry


If you’re the type of person who’s always looking to push the limits, then finding top quality Stretcher Earrings is an absolute must. Getting a full stretching kit that can carry you from the smallest gauge all the way up to 00 gauge will save you hundreds of dollars if you know where to look. Most tattoo and piercing shops keep a handful of pieces on their shelves, but they’re rarely the best quality, and almost always wildly overpriced. If you already know from the start that you want to stretch up several gauges, your best bet is to head online to the most trusted body jewelry shop on the market: King’s Body Jewelry.

Right from the get go, King’s Body Jewelry was founded with the mission to provide a wide selection of high quality pieces to the public at reasonable prices. King’s founder was frustrated with the lack of choice available to him in his local shops and tired of spending a fortune every time he wanted to add a new piece to his collection. So he started his own store, where his customers never have to face that struggle again.

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Not only is there a massive selection available at King’s (and we do mean massive – there are several hundred different pieces across the site!), but you’ll also find full 24 piece stretching kits that include two different styles of stretcher earrings in every gauge. In one purchase you can get 8 different sized tapers and 16 matching plugs or tunnels (that’s 8 pairs) to go with them! It’s the ultimate deal for anyone who plans on working their way up to a wider gauge because it gives you everything you’ll ever need all at once, in one cohesive style. You’ll never have to worry about finding a new piece for the next gauge or hoping your local shop has it in stock, because you’ll already have it ready and waiting for you.

King’s Body Jewelry carries just as wide a selection of stretching kits as they do any other piece. You can get full kits like the ones mentioned above, including kits that go past the standard gauge sizes and as far as 2 inches wide! There are also smaller 3 piece sets of tapers and plugs, perfect for anyone who’s already started stretching their ears and only needs to go up another gauge or two. You can also choose kits that are just tapers or just plugs, instead of the full set of both, depending on your style and whatever works best for your body.

You can get your very own set of stretcher earrings in either acrylic or steel for under $50 in most cases at King’s Body Jewelry today. That’s 24 top quality pieces – a complete set of every gauge from 14 to 0 – coming in at less than $2 per piece. Plus free shipping! You won’t find a deal like this anywhere else on the market. So don’t sit around and wait for the chance to pass you by! Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on a deal like that.

But why stop at stretching kits? Once you’ve worked your way up to a new gauge, you should show it off with some new pieces. You’ll find hundreds of plugs and tunnels at King’s Body Jewelry in all styles and materials, including organics like bone and wood. From the classic acrylic black plugs that everyone’s seen in their local shop to truly unique, hand carved sculpture pieces like the 3D Black Areng Jackalope Plugs (7/16 inch – 1 inch), King’s has something perfect for everyone, ready and waiting for you. So stop holding back and head on over to! It’s time start looking the way you want.

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