Advantages of using Aluminum foam for Automotive Applications

Pure aluminum self-repairs the air with a film of its oxide, making it very resistant to corrosion. Posse very good thermal and electrical conductivity properties. It is left to deform well by rolling and has great alloying power with other compounds. Its starting product is the mineral called bauxite, from which the alumina will be obtained and, by reduction of this, finally the pure aluminum. The manufacture of aluminum takes place in two phases: Obtaining the alumina starting from bauxite.  Reduction of alumina to obtain alusion. For the manufacture of a ton of aluminum, two tons of alumina is used, which in turn come from four tons of bauxite. The consumption of electric current is about 20000 kwh, the tank voltage being about 5 to 7 volts only. The intensity is however from 20,000 to 500,000 amps.

Advantages of using Aluminum Foam for Automotive applications:

  • They are classified into forge alloys and fusion alloys. Within these groups they are classified into varieties. Aluminum alloys that have copper as a component, have high mechanical properties, in terms of strength, however, they have little stability against corrosion.
  • Aluminum alloys for forging -Variety Al-Cu-Mg: is the known duralumin. This material is tempered. It has a resistance that ranges between 18 kg / mm2 up to 24 kg / mm2, unhardened and, from 34 to 50 kg / mm2 when receiving said thermal treatment. They are used for mechanical parts subjected to extraordinarily strong stresses such as: wheel hubs, known as light alloy wheels, pulleys, crankshaft pinions and camshafts, and certain body parts in some vehicles. Its resistance to corrosion is limited due to its copper content. By plating with pure SAF aluminum or the use of special anticorrosive paints this effect can be attenuated.
  • They are also hard enable reaching a resistance of 20 to 35 kg / mm2. They have good stability against corrosion, lending themselves to car tires, frame parts and body floors. For its polishing facility, beautification strips are also made.
  • They are not tempered. A growing Mg content increases its mechanical strength, from 18 to 34 kg / mm2, also decreasing its deformability and weld ability. Its resistance to heat and corrosion make it ideal for parts of bodies, in the construction of windows, etc .
  • it is used mainly in bearings and engine half bearings. They can also have lead and magnesium in their composition, which improves their mechanical qualities in terms of wear and tear.
  • In general, these alloy varieties tend to be used nowadays due to their ability to work perfectly, replacing cast iron and steels in pieces that really fulfill a mission that is too important, such as crankcases, caps, casings, etc., having the advantage to reduce significantly the suspended weight of the vehicle, decreasing its consumption and allowing smaller forms of the sets. The unstoppable advance of the technique causes that the light alloys are being progressively replaced in the parts named above by synthetic materials, lighter and cheaper, which give better results.

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