A Complete Buying Guide For A Water Pump

Whether you want to buy a pump or you are looking for water pump hire services, it is crucial to know what to look for to get the right pump for your application. from submersible pumps to sump pumps, engine-driven pumps to surface pumps, there are different types of pumps to choose from. All models and brands vary in terms of pressure, discharge head and flow rate. You will need a different pump for draining your swimming pool from a pump for pumping water from a well. Here are a few things to consider when buying a pump.

Water pump characteristics and types

The type of water pump you need will vary depending on your application. For example, if you want to drain a flooded basement, pump water from a well or supply rainwater around your home, you will need different pumps for these tasks.

Submersible pumps

If you want to drain a swimming pool, a flooded basement or a septic tank, you will need to invest in a submersible pump. Submersible pumps are made to be fully submerged in water. Most submersible pump models can be used for pumping wastewater. If you are looking to pump water from a deep well, you will still need a submersible pump. With a submersible pump, only the power supply cable and discharge pipe are visible above the surface. Certain pump models have narrow diameters and this means that they can be used to pump water from deep boreholes and wells.

Surface pumps

There are different surface water pump brands you can choose from. A surface pump can pump water from a well that is up to 7 meters deep. It can also pump water from a river or a rainwater collection tank. This type of pump is usually installed above the surface. It draws water by a suction hose. Once the water has been pumped using a surface pump, it can then be used to irrigate the garden or even supply toilets and household appliances.

Pressure booster systems and boosters

For those suffering from low water pressure due to insufficient distribution, or those who want to increase or regulate the pressure of a submersible pump, installing a booster pump or a pressure tank to increase durability or efficiency is the best way to save money.

Engine-driven pumps

Pumps that are engine-driven are ideal for draining or pumping substantial water quantities for extended periods. Such pumps have combustion engines that run on either petrol or diesel. The exact feature to look for will depend on how you want to use the pump.

Lifting stations

If you want a water pump hire for collecting wastewater and collecting rainwater because you are too far from the drainage system or because your house has been built below the level of the sewage line, you should invest in a lifting station. Lifting stations consist of a storage tank and one or more dirty pumps. You can install a listing station underground. However, make sure you hire a professional for proper installation.

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