8 Tips on How You Can Maximize Your Space in Your Apartment

Are you currently living in a studio apartment? Whether it’s big or small, it can be a bit tricky to maximize space in your apartment. Consumerism has influence homeowners to have the tendency to purchase more and more items, that we end up not using them. It may seem like there’s a shortage of space in our apartments, but that’s not true. Follow these easy tips for you to maximize that space in your apartment.

Polished Clutter

So you already got rid of everything you’re willing to get rid of but you feel that you still have so much stuff on your hands, here’s what you can do. Remember that every piece in your home can be transformed into a more appealing display with having the right thinking behind it.

Start by organizing your books by color and size, expend money in gorgeous storage baskets, and be aware in placing area rugs in corners where you want to give the impression of being polished. These ways are effortless and it can instantly transform that visual clutter into a decorative one. You may organize your old records, frames, vintage cameras, and use them to make your house feel homey.

Natural Light

Having a natural light has the capability for creating bigger space and feeling of being more open and airy, so try to maximize it in your home as much as you can. If natural lighting doesn’t enter your apartment, you may use plenty of bright white decor choices to make any area in your home to feel spacious and light.

Also, if you’ll be incorporating partitions to different rooms in your apartment, go for the one that allows plenty of light to enter. It can be possible to use shelving as an effective way to separate the bedroom and living room while you are still allowing plenty of light to wash over the entire space.

Vertical Interior

When you are in the process of maximizing space in your apartment, the best way to do it is to consider everything in an upward and vertical sense. Use any space on your wall where you can install shelves or storage space and don’t waste it! For instance, you may use the space in your stove, if it doesn’t come with a hood. Or the extra space on top of the refrigerator.

When doing this, try to think outside the box a little bit because there are limitless storage options you can use. Go explore for taller ceilings and storage systems that can execute double duty as an organizational tool and workspace.


In today’s market, you will find plenty of innovative home products and furniture. If you want, you can pick a living room sofa that can also double into a bed or shelves that double as a wall office table. If you are living in a small apartment space, it’s ideal to buy double-purpose furniture. Just in case you have unexpected guests who will be sleeping over, you won’t have to worry about your small space because you can transform your sofa into a bed.

Big Wall Mirror

If you think that you have already exerted all of your attempts to maximize your space and yet you feel it still looks constricted, one of the best answers to your problem is to hang up a wall mirror. Hanging wall mirror will deceive the eye into giving a small space the illusion of a bigger size. We suggest you place one in common areas, such as the living or dining room. You will notice a big change as your apartment will look and even feel bigger.

Open Closets

Having a closet space is probably one of the most demanding things that come with living in a studio apartment, especially if you are the type of person who may have a shopping problem or have a passion for fashion.  

Instead of finding ways to hide and stuff all those clothes away, you may want to create an open, functional closet that can finish the touch of your aesthetic. Make sure that you hang things uniformly so it doesn’t look too disorganized.

Use Partition

A lot of people consider partitions as their holy grail in studio living since it creates additional rooms out of thin air. They can have all types of forms in numerous variety of materials depending on your style and taste. Plus, you can store it away effortlessly then put it back if there are houseguests and dinner parties.

Make Use of Loft Beds

Your bed is the item in your studio that occupies most of the space, so you want to make the most of it by modifying it into a generous storage option. You can loft it by throwing storage containers underneath it, or bring it to the next level by turning it into a smarter, custom storage unit. Whichever you prefer will surely make your space larger and satisfied with it.

Author Bio: Ivandrea Ollero is a resident writer for PAAL Kit Homes, one of Australia’s kit home leaders that offers a range of flexible kit house designs options. She researches and writes custom content about home improvements, finance, law, travel, fashion, and beauty. She graduated from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2016.

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