7 Tips on How to Choose Adult Incontinence Products

Incontinence product for women

The many choices of incontinence supplies available in the market are overwhelming. Anyone can have a problem with short term or long-term incontinence. However, senior citizens are the most affected. Both men and women use adult diapers. If you need to use these products or buy them for someone, you should start by researching the different options available in the market because they come in different styles, colors and prices.

There are different types of incontinences supplies made to meet specific needs. There are separate products for women as well as for men. You choose what to get depending on the state of the user. Here are some tips that will help you make an informed purchase.

Level of Incontinence

It is important to consider the level of incontinence when choosing to buy diapers. Check how much leakage occurs over the period of a day. Having this information helps you buy diapers that are perfectly suited to handle a particular condition. At this point, you also have to choose between reusable and non-reusable diapers. The levels of incontinence can be rated as below:

  • Light – This refers to occasional incontinence as well as to situations where urine dribbles uncontrollably.

  • Moderate – This refers to frequent urine releases though it’s not a full bladder.

  • Heavy – This is where the amount of incontinence is of a full bladder during the period of a day.

  • Overnight – This is where urine is released throughout the day, or involuntary while sleeping.

  • Fecal – This refers to the loss of control of bowel movements.

Comfort level

To ensure that the user is satisfied while using an adult incontinence product, get them a diaper that keeps them comfortable. With so many styles and brands in the market, you would need to compare several options and choose the best from among them. Each diaper could come in different sizes. So to find a perfect one, take a measurement of the waist of the person who needs to use them. While incontinence products are available in sizes such as small, medium and large, the actual size of a diaper may differ from brand to brand and due to standards used by each manufacturer; some large and medium sizes are smaller or bigger than others are. These sizes are diverse for every manufacturer. Check that the diaper fits snug fit snugly around the thighs because this helps to prevent the leaking of urine and fecal matters when the diaper is used. You should also avoid using very tight adult diapers because they do not allow the circulation of air. This lack of circulation can lead to odors and irritation. The important things are to keep the user protected against leaks, while keeping them comfortable as well.

Consider the gender of the user

Some manufacturers create incontinence products to meets the need of a specific gender. Their style favors a particular gender and when used properly they provide the user with a higher level of comfort. Choosing the right gender specific diaper is a good option because it helps preserve the dignity of the user and ensure that the diapers are discreet while giving the user maximum protection all day. You can also consider using reusable products for women and men. You can wash and reuse certain high quality reusable diapers more than 200 times. However, not all reusable products are as durable. They will wear out and stop being effective.

Both men and women can use unisex products mostly at night. However, they may not be suitable for use during the day. The best type of diaper to use during the day is one that will not show beneath daytime clothes, release odor or fail to contain a leakage.


People who suffer with incontinence issues should choose to use products that inhibit drawing attention to their problem. Discreetness is essential to both the mental and physical wellbeing. One of the ways to ensure this is by getting adult diapers with a covering made of clothing. These diapers are soft and do not produce a rustling sound when the person moves about. While a product with a plastic backing ensures there is no leakage, they are not the best if you are looking for discreetness. Some manufacturers have designed compact diapers, which eliminates bulkiness. There are also reusable panties and underwear that have pouches for inserting padding or have the padding built-in. They look like ordinary inner wear but are as effective as disposable ones.


Your budget will determine the type of adult diapers that you can buy. You may end up paying a lot more if you need a lot of protection due to the high level of incontinence. To get adequate control, you have to buy high absorbent diapers. This also means that the quality of the diaper should be high for it to withstand full bladder release without leaking. It is also good to start with a small pack and see how effective they are before you buy them in bulk.

Light incontinence translates to the freedom to use low-cost products. Since there is no need for heavy-duty diapers, the user can even choose to use reusable ones, as they are very economical because the user can wash and reuse them several times without any problem.

Choose between pull-ups and diapers

Diapers are perfect if the user is immobile and needs the help of a caregiver to wear or change them. Many of them have fasten-able side tabs that make it possible to change them while lying or sitting down, without requiring that the user remove all their clothes. Adult diapers come in handy because most of them have an indicator strip that alerts the caregiver when they are wet. Pull-ups are excellent as most users can use them without any help. They are comfortable and come in designs that make them look like ordinary underwear. A user would feel more comfortable in them than in diapers.

Shop Online for great prices

Once you have identified the incontinence products you want to buy, shop for them online. You can get them in bulk and at a discounted price. However, before you place an order, consider shipping costs and choose those that offer free shipping or low-cost shipping. You would find that online incontinence supplies may cost less and may be between 50% and 80% cheaper than those that are available at your local store.

People looking for ways to manage incontinence include seniors, middle age and the youth. While most people associate diapers with old age, many people use them for convenience; especially those who have to work non-stop. Anyone can find themselves in need of these supplies due to illness or injuries. The absorbency levels they provide can make a life for an incontinent patient comfortable and normal again. While buying incontinence products for women, always consider the activities of the user. Someone who spends time walking around requires different incontinence supplies from one who is immobile. They do not come at a cheap price, so always research and find supplies that are pocket-friendly.

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