5 Unconventional Things That Might Confuse You in a Luxury Hotel

Luxury hotels feed the eyes with splendid visuals and facilities that you won’t be able to see in ordinary places and in other types of hotels and accommodation. That’s one of the first reasons why you get so amazed the first time you see one, right? Right. Take note, that’s only when you see it, but how much more when you get into one? 

This kind of accommodation is truly amazing, and you also know that when you’re in it, you should be extra careful because the items and furniture you see are also extra expensive. Although mishaps do happen unexpectedly at times, no one really wants to get embarrassed in any place, in such a place. That’s probably what you also think when you’re inside one. 

Aside from pricey stuff which you think you might be very careful with, another thing which you don’t want to experience any problem with are things that are difficult or confusing to handle and use. These things are those considered unconventional or not normally seen functioning or handled the same way as when you see the like outside of luxury hotels.

To realize and to understand more of them, below are 5 of them:



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One of the most common things people find a bit hard to utilize in luxury hotels is the light switch. A lot of people find it harder than anything else because although they’re literally just switches, they can be too stylish, thus, tricky. 

Luxury hotels’ light switches basically function as the standard type. The thing that makes them unusual is that some kinds are not managed with the simple click or press. Sometimes you need stuff like key cards. That means unless you have your card with you, you cannot open the lights in the whole hotel room of yours. 

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There are switch styles inspired by the modern power button designed in computer monitors and computer towers. That’s the one with the power logo in the middle. You may rarely encounter such hotels, and if you do, you might think twice if that thing you’re seeing beside the door is really the light switch. It could be surely baffling.

Source: Wandsworth Electrical

Other light switches are made with the retro style. It’s the one that looks like a joystick. You have to pull the lever-like handle up and down in order to operate this switch. 



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Some guests find it hard to stay inside their room simply because they cannot find the aircon switch, so it gets too cold. This can be funny, but it’s true. Others are hesitant to try or touch stuff they see in the hotel because they don’t know how those things exactly function. If you’re the same, then you know the struggle. 

Some air conditioning units can be easily accessed with a remote control; that’s the most common. Some, however, can be adjusted through a controller that is secured to the wall. This one is helpful when you’re forgetful where you place things. It requires you to just go to a certain area in the room where you can directly adjust the room temperature. 

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Surprisingly, there are air conditioning units which can also be managed wherever in the room or in the hotel you are. That is through Wi-Fi controlled air conditioners. You would very rarely see this type, but it does exist. It could be time-consuming to connect devices and learn the functions, but it can be uniquely helpful. 



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You can cook inside your hotel room if you don’t want to go out, and if you want to save more money. You know how food in the hotel can be too costly as well as its “luxury hotel” name implies, and you may choose to cook your own instead of spending too much.

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The struggle could be using the stove. It’s because the stove isn’t like the one with a gas tank which you will have to turn the knob to open and close to be used. Most likely, luxury hotels have an electric stove. It perfectly fits the minimalist style that saves space as well.

An electric stove might be a bit confusing to use as it is completely different from the more common one. There are buttons and functions which are sometimes hard to comprehend. 



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When all the lights are turned off, the only source of light inside your hotel room amidst the dark night is the bright moon, not including the use of cell phones this time. Unless you let a lamp remain powered on the whole time, it is surely hard to see and walk to the comfort room or to the kitchen to drink water in the middle of the night. You might trip or step into stuff you should step on. You might even hurt yourself.

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Luxury hotels got your back in these situations for you will certainly be helped by the lights placed under the bed. You will be amazed to see them because they will definitely aid in letting you see where you’re going even without opening the main lights of the room. Especially when you don’t want to completely light up the room because it’ll be too bright and disturbing to those sleeping, you’ll really appreciate the function of the light under the bed. This is unconventional because even in the family of luxury hotels themselves, this feature is not always present and available.

You will really be able to say that your hotel room’s bed is cool and lit! 



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Have you ever tried pressing a floor number in the elevator but it doesn’t want to bring you there? Unless the button is broken, there might be some other intended reason as to why you cannot activate that button. It might be because of the guests’ exclusive accessibility to locations in the hotel.

Source: The Register

The key card you have for your room is also the same card that you are supposed to use in elevators that have the feature mentioned above. The card allows the elevator to know whether you can access a certain floor or not.

This can invoke a lot of curiosity to you as a guest, wondering what’s in that floor you can’t enter. Meanwhile, this is really wise for the hotel management because they can ensure the safety and security of floors and guests from suspicious people who might be roaming around the hotel and in its vicinity to victimize people.



Luxury hotels are surely one of a kind, not only because of how they look, but most especially because of how things in it function. It might be confusing and challenging to make those things work, but take time as you get mesmerized, learn and enjoy! 



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