5 Top Reasons Why You Should Utilize A Hashtag For Your Event

Several individuals conduct a Twitter hashtag search without even knowing that the tags could be used for events. A twitter hashtag is basically a keyword phrase or topic that is preceded by the ‘#’ sign. For instance, #seosearch or #seotips are both hashtags for the SEO phrase or keyword. Follow these hashtags and you will find tweets that discuss SEO-related topics. This article brings you the five top reasons why it’s crucial to utilize a hashtag for your upcoming or next event.

  1. Hashtags are an excellent means of organizing, tracking, as well as searching for topics on the Twitter platform before as well as after your event. In this way, those attending your event can revisit the information during as well as after the event.
  2. A hashtag helps in effectively generating necessary buzz before, during, as well as after any event. For instance, tweeting any hashtag that is completely unique while attending an event is an excellent means of locating participants you might desire to meet. Or even businesses you will love to connect with. Truly lasting relationships could be built, and potential sponsors for next year’s edition of your event could even be gotten in this way.
  3. Hashtags are quite crucial as they enable other users of the Twitter platform – not just those that follow you directly, but also anybody that’s attending the event – to speak of the same topic by utilizing any particular Twitter trending hashtags for the event. Their tweets will all appear within the same stream. Those attending your event could get new followers that feature the same interests, meet up during as well as after the event to debate ongoings, and your staff could even listen in on conversations concerning the event in general.
  4. If your event takes place on an annual basis, your hashtag must be such that could be used year on year. For instance, #Trainingcha as compared to #training2019, the former could be utilized annually with you just changing the figures after the keyword ‘training’ to reflect the particular year the event is holding in. If you do not create any hashtag before the event, then it’s just a matter of time before one gets created for you. So, why should you risk a hashtag that is generated by a community and one which you will not have any control over?
  5. You will most probably desire to promote, engage, monitor, and analyze the individuals that are speaking about your event around the internet. And, what better way is there to do that than using a hashtag?

Bonus tip: Monitoring any hashtag on the internet directly from Twitter can be truly challenging. This is the instance in which it becomes important to use a Twitter client. There are several options out there that enable you to organize hashtags into columns, thus making your Twitter hashtag search for streams a lot easier. It also helps in making sure that the flow keeps going without needing to hit refresh anytime the hashtag for your event has been mentioned.

These are the five foremost reasons for which you must make sure that you use a hashtag for your event.

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