5 Tips to Buy a Two-Wheeler in the Festive Season

It is often considered that festive seasons are the best to make a significant investment and a lot of people even buy a gift for themselves on festive occasions. Buying a two-wheeler in the festive season can be a great choice, and it will also provide you with a sense of joy, satisfaction and freedom. You will no longer have to use public transport or stand in long queues.

Moreover, it is the perfect time to buy your dream two-wheeler by applying for a bike loan and fulfil your aspirations of owning one. However, you must remember some of the tips while buying a two-wheeler in the festive season. These are mentioned below.

Tips to Buy a Two-Wheeler in the Festive Season

Choose a Reliable Brand:

It is recommended to choose a brand that offers a wide variety of options and provides a seamless service during and after the purchase. If you buy a two-wheeler from a recognised company or brand, there are chances of its resale value being high as compared to a bike from a non-reputed brand. Therefore, you must do proper research before deciding on which brand you want to buy. It also ensures that you get a great deal and prices along with a good quality two-wheeler that will last long and depreciate slowly.

Choosing the Bike:

Before taking a bike loan, you must decide on which bike you want to buy. This decision is crucial and must be based on your need and usage of buying one. It is an excellent option to list down the reasons for wanting a two-wheeler, and these might include leisure, daily travelling, long-distance commuting and more. Making this list will make it easy for you to decide which bike might be the best fit for your requirements and which one you should go ahead with buying.


Set a budget that you can spend easily without putting a burden on your pocket. It is wise to select a budget that you are comfortable with; otherwise, it might lead to defaulting payments which will impact your credit score significantly. It will further make it tremendously challenging for you to get a loan as a credit score proves your creditworthiness. You must ensure that you are not crossing your budget and keep your finances in check. A bike loan EMI calculator can be used by you to calculate your monthly instalments and make sure that it’s an amount you can easily pay.

Features & Specifications:

Buying a two-wheeler includes numerous things and several decisions that you have to make before actually going ahead with the purchase. Investing in a two-wheeler is a considerable investment, and you would want it to be worthy of the amount spent. Look out for the features and specifications carefully before deciding on the vehicle. It is vital to check which two-wheeler has more extended durability, incredible mileage, ease in handling, spare parts availability in the market, whether the model is old or recent and the maintenance. Once you have checked these features for multiple models of two-wheelers, you can choose the best one that suits your needs and is worthwhile.

Resale Value:

Another essential tip to consider before buying a two-wheeler is its resale value which will be beneficial to you in the long run. You must check the availability of service centres in the city, maintenance services expenses and more. These factors play an indispensable role in deciding the resale value of the two-wheeler along with the brand. It will also make sure that your investment is not a waste even if at some point, you have to resell the bike and that you get a fair amount while reselling.

Therefore, keep the above tips in mind if you decide to buy a two-wheeler in the festive season, so you make the best choice.


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