5 Smart Parking Solutions That Every Car Owner Must Use


Smart parking market is forecasted to surpass $3.8B spending on smart parking solutions by 2023!

Did you know that the search for a parking space can take up to 20 minutes on average? In addition to the economic opportunity cost, it further adds to pollution and congestion on the roads.

Today’s car parks should be flexible, vibrant and create a feeling of security while optimizing the use of space as also using the most effective system for access, circulation, and payments.


Next generation parking monitoring solutions use sensors for each individual space or even Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to enhance parking space management and help you do away with the daily ordeal of finding a parking spot. We explore some of the popular smart car parking solutions using by civil engineering companies in Sydney that you can upgrade your concrete or asphalt car parking with, for making parking fast, easy and hassle-free.


Convex mirrors increase your field of view and help identify the blind spots in your parking area and minimize the risk of collision. A great addition to any parking, they are particularly useful if your car park has blind corners and intersections. However, considering the type and size of the mirror, you may choose from a wide range of convex mirrors including indoor, outdoor, full dome, quarter or half dome convex mirrors to make sure it meets the purpose. Long-lasting, cost


Does your parking space have tight parking spots and narrow car parks? Corner protector is a great choice to protect the corner of the walls against rubbing and scratching of vehicles. For car park designers, corner guards and wall protectors are installing corner protectors on your parking walls, columns and building corners can help prevent the cars being scrapped since it prevents any contact of your car with the corner or walls of your car park. Corner guards are the ideal solution for the protection of wall corners, concrete walls,


Yet another smart car parking solutions includes Spring Bollards. These create a visual deterrent to protect both pedestrians, cars, and property. Available in a wide variety including fixed, retractable &collapsible, AND FLEXIBLE BOLLARDS THAT ARE designed to flex in any direction when impacted to minimize damage to the vehicle. Strong, durable and cost-efficient, these safety barriers are well-recognized by architects, councils


Car parking lots can be treacherous on those weekends and holidays! Speed bumps can prevent speeding by keeping drivers at reduced speeds and contribute to safe crosswalks, thus making parking lots safer for driver and pedestrians alike. You may choose from a wide range of speed bumps and speed humps to control the speed of vehicles in the car park.


Car parks are the first touch point of your property and you surely want to make a great first impression! Durable line marking service or marking the car park ensures safety and order in the car park. Available in several different colors, highly-reflective and anti-slip coating including a wide range of epoxy and acrylic sealers to suit your needs, line- markings are important to the safety of drivers and pedestrians.


Smart car park constructions not only make your car park safer and completely secured but also offer a superior experience.

If you want to improve, reconstruct or build a car park of any size, get in touch with leading car park builder to discover the latest in smart parking systems.

Looking to build next-generation car parks? Trust Australia’s leading car park consultants to upgrade your concrete or asphalt car park and use emerging technologies like IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, and cloud technology.

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