4 Top Reasons Why You Actually Need To Utilize Instagram Hashtags

An Instagram hashtags search and the hashtags themselves are crucial features on the platform. They make it a lot easier for brands to pass their message to the right individuals, and for average users to get content they will enjoy. Whether you love or hate them, you cannot deny a simple fact: on the average, posts featuring one hashtag, at least, generate more than 12% more engagement than those without hashtags. This article brings you the 4 main reasons why you need to use them.

Use insights to monitor the success

 Instagram keeps evolving and changing. Every new update adds a fresh feature or refines a current one, to further boost users’ experience on the platform. One of such features that you will surely find interesting is being able to analyze your hashtags’ effectiveness. Nevertheless, to use this feature, you must create a business profile or switch to it. Afterwards, you can view how your hashtags are performing by simply clicking the affected post and choosing ‘view insights’. This opens up another page where you can view the post’s reach and impressions. Impressions now comprise data that enables you to view how your audience discovered the post.

Users can presently follow a particular hashtag

 Before, you could only follow other users. Nevertheless, you are now able to follow hashtags you consider relevant to you. To most experts, this is a much-needed awesome feature. Now, you can remain up-to-date with all top Instagram hashtags and relevant topics, even when you aren’t following the person that posted the content. One other reason why it’s excellent is as it extends your reach automatically if you are utilizing hashtags already. It makes it a lot easier for new users to discover your brand or business on the platform.

You can include clickable hashtags in your bio

 One other new feature enables you to add clickable hashtags to your bio. Simply put, it’s similar to including a CTA in your bio, which highlights your branded content and promotes your community. What’s better is that there aren’t any complex options you will have to enable before you begin using this feature. Actually, all you have to do is include the ‘#’ symbol before any relevant word in your bio. Then, Instagram automatically transforms it into a clickable link. When it’s clicked on, the user is sent to the hashtag.

Hashtags and Instagram stories

One other great means of boosting your visibility is by including hashtags in your Instagram stories. You could literally go crazy with the story hashtags if you so desire; just ensure that you do not go overboard…

What is meant here is that, if you have added a hashtag to any story, users can find it via the ‘search and explore’ page. When anybody searches for that hashtag, there is an excellent chance that your story will come up in his story cue.

Utilizing the correct Instagram hashtags search and the hashtags themselves could dramatically enhance your visibility on the amazing platform. In turn, this goes on to enable you to gain lots of new followers. So, research, find trending hashtags, then, include them in your own posts.

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