4 Strategies worth Utilizing to Enhance your Nature Photography Skills

Photography comprises of different aspects and subjects and this is why the art comes out differently in different hands. However, admittedly, photography around nature has to be the most popular and common subject that everyone in their lives have indulged in. Whether you are starting out or an expert, nature becomes a muse for all, providing marvelous backgrounds as well as focus point subjects for photographers. All things considered, of course, nature photography, like any other kind, requires different skills, positioning and practice to bring out the best of nature on a screen.

Every season changes the look of nature and there is to be gained from all seasons. But, if one has to choose a favorite, then most probably it would be the summers where the warmth and climate give the best chances for flower blooming in full swing. The lush greenery coupled with a clear skyline lined with hundreds of vibrant flowers are a treat for everyone, particularly photographers. In line with this, flower watching and wildflower photography in China have thus grown into something much more than a hobby and into something which is nowadays being frequently used by passionate photographers to expand their resource base.

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Then again, selecting beautiful locations with endemic flowers is not enough. Although nature offers everything on a platter, it is ultimately up to the photographer to imagine the right effects and positioning. The circumstances and settings also have a lot to do with the kind of picture that finally develops.

If you have decided on China, which provides heavenly wildflower habitats and botanical gardens to be your base, then you can take help from the many agencies that come with such wildflower photography tours. Not only are they more organized but also provide prompt assistance on field when required. Read on to know more.

  • Book a tour with a reputable agency

These agencies are committed to making the flower photography tours more successful for you. From arranging the itineraries to providing helpful insight on the plants as well as the art of photography, these companies will take care of ninety percent of the work for you. Apart from experts assisting on the field, some also give out lectures on photography to equip the visitors better.

  • Pick the perfect lighting

Since this is part of nature photography, the lighting has a lot to do with the end-result, and since the lighting changes during the course of day, it is for you to determine prior to the project which one works best for you. Most experts pick the time before sunrise or sunset to be the perfect time because of its delicate lighting effect on the flowers which makes for great photos! Sunset also gives the perfect opportunity for backlight, which is basically the sun positioned in front of you lighting the line of flowers from behind. The sunlight on translucent petals gives a natural ‘glow’ effect.

  • Determine the depth of field

The depth of field marks the sharpness of your image. A shallow depth makes the required part sharp against a soft blurred out background. A wide aperture like f/4 or f/2.8 dos the job well. If you are experienced enough, you can make use of a telephoto lens also, which has a much longer focal point than the lens itself.

  • Innovate new positions

As a photographer, one must always bring something new to the table. Try positioning the camera (or yourself) at different places to bring out a perspective of the flower which has not been seen before. For example, try capturing it from underneath like a bug’s point of view or focus on your chosen flower through another secondary flower- the minimum focusing distance will automatically blur the latter out to give more impressionistic feel.

Want to learn more interesting tips and tricks like these? Or try the above soon? Then pick a wildflower or botanical photo tour today and hone your skills with the help of experts.

Author Bio: James Stevenson, a veteran blogger on wildflower photography in China, elaborates on four factors necessary for novice and experienced photographers alike to keep in mind before engaging in nature photography focusing on wildflowers.

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