4 Out of the Box Ways to Propose the Girl of Your Dreams

Everyone needs a friend to spice up their lives, to share their secrets, have a shoulder to cry and a family with whom you can confine in whenever you feel like. A partner who sticks by you through every thick or thin.

Remember you never share your food with anyone especially cake but with your best friend you share everything, even food and yes cake too. You cannot feed anything in the name of cake to your friend so order the utmost quality of cake and share with your favourite person. The right place to place your order with, hassle free way of ordering cake right at your doorstep. They provide their services to almost all the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bareilly, Asansol and other too. With same day and midnight cake delivery in Dwarka options available this online cake is just the thing you wanted.

Well now that you have ordered cake too and celebrating this beautiful bond with CakenGifts. As you do not need a special day to celebrate you love towards each other so celebrate whenever you feel like but if you want to go an extra mile for your best friend and make them feel more and more special than we have just the ideal gifts ideas for you. Scroll down to check out all and decide for yourself if are idea worth the try or not. So here we gooo.

  • Memory book

A book containing all your secret photos and few pictures about which only you guys know is the best feeling ever. This book would be highlighting  your beautiful journey, the picture you guys had together from the pictures which have stories behind them to those amazing night outs and night stays spent together and lastly you recent photo. This book would be your personal nostalgic book.

  • Complete the locket

You might have seen those small pendent chains which has a shape divided into several part and each part is a pendent of another chain but when joined together they form a shape. Gift it. If you’re 2 people then buy a heart shaped pendent chains, one half of the heart to you and the other for your friend.

This is more or less a symbolic gift.

  • Personalized mugs

You all must have seen those beautiful mugs with pictures of the it. People do that very often now, if you do not want the photo thing then you can simply buy the quote mug.

These are very easily available in almost any gift Shop and is not even too expensive but conveys the right emotions.

  • The hobby

Gift something based on the hobby of your friend. Like if he or she loves reading gift them some novel which they have been looking for really long but couldn’t find it or a novel which is a limited edition one or even better a novel signed by their favourite writer. If you’re friend’s a soft toy person then this is the most easily available and accessible gift but remember to give teddies in friendship.


Boy or girl, old or not almost everyone just love chocolates and you what’s better than Chocolate ? It is a bouquet of chocolate. Gift a bouquet of chocolates from online cake delivery instead of those flower bouquets which eventually die. A flower bouquet is no less than a reward for a person who loves chocolates

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