4 Easy Ways That You Should Try to Maintain Terracotta Pots


If you are blessed with a huge garden, you would obviously like to make the most of the space by planting different types of flowers that give your yard a beautiful facelift. When you go for buying plants, you also need to buy some planters that will help the plant get the right amount of air and moisture, and contribute towards its growth. Nowadays, different types of planters are available in the market. However, due to many reasons such as aesthetic appeal, thermal properties, and low-cost, people prefer to pick terracotta pots than other options.

If you want to make your garden stand out from the rest, then use the clay pots. Made of baked earth, the pots are available in various sizes and designs. There are several reputable companies that offer terracotta pots Melbourne, Sydney and other parts of Australia. Buying the planters is not enough; you need to maintain it on the regular basis to give your plants a healthy environment. Cleaning is all about removing the dirt and disinfecting the pot. The process will not be difficult when you will be familiar with this. Here, we present three methods that are used for cleaning purposes. Take a look.

 1. Baking the pots

It is one of the popular methods used by the homeowners for cleaning and disinfecting the pots. First, empty the terracotta pots and make sure of the fact that there is no debris inside. Then place it in an oven and bake it up to 220 Fahrenheit for an hour and let it cool down to room temperature. Don’t remove it from the oven when it is hot as the pot is brittle at high temperature. This method is applicable for small and medium-sized pots.

 2. Cleaning the pots with bleach

Another method used for cleaning the pots is a mixture of bleach and water. Mix bleach in water at a 1:10 ratio and dunk the pots in it. Leave the pots in the open air for a few days to dry out. In this process, the residual bleach will dissipate. You can also rinse the pots after soaking it. As bleach can weaken the material, so, be careful while making the mixture and clean the planter only with a diluted solution.

 3. Cleaning the planters with white vinegar

If you don’t want to use bleach for cleaning the pots, use white vinegar and follow the same method. As an alternative, you can also use the same solution in a dishwasher. Set it to the highest heat, add white vinegar, and run it properly. Leave the pots for two to three days in the open air to dry. If needed, you can rinse the planters. As vinegar is not as harsh as bleach, it will not damage the material.

 4. Winterising

Winterising is as important as cleaning for the terracotta pots. Once, it is cleaned by using one of the methods, store them in a garage or shed. Store the pots upside down without staking, if possible, use old towels between two pots and keep them away from each other. For over-sized pots, use layers of bubble wrap for wrapping purposes. Moreover, make it sure that the pots are completely dry before you store it somewhere.

These are some of the ways with which you can look after the terracotta pots. Look for a company that offers pots, statues, urns, and water features Brisbane, and buy the desired product.

Author Bio: Adkins Walker, a popular blogger on garden ornaments such as statues, plaques, pots, and water features Brisbane, here, writes 4 ways to take care of terracotta pots Melbourne, Sydney and other parts of Australia.

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