4 Common Types of Garage Doors That You Can Think For Your Home

Before you hire a specialist for garage door and install the door it is essential that you visualize what type of garage door you want. This is done so that you understand what will be the overall look of your house.

The type of garage door will also depend upon the lifestyle that you are leading as each type of garage door has its own benefits.

When you look for a garage door you will see that there are different types of the garage door. There are high chances that you may get confused while selecting for a proper door for your garage.

You can take a deep breath as I have come up with a helpful guide that will showcase the various types of garages.

You will get some garage doors that are tilted inwards and some of them are broken into sections.

Let us learn about the various types of garage doors based on how they are open.

  1. Sectional garage doors

These are one of the most common types of garage doors that you will get worldwide. Most probably these are the ones that are at your homes as well.

When you closely look at the sectional garage door in Melbourne you will see that they are a panel of the door is broken into sections and these sections are held together by flexible joints.

These flexible joints are also known as hinges and they are the ones that help the garage door panel to bend which effects the opening and closing of the door.

There is a vertical track and the sectional garage door will move it up until it reaches the top of the garage door opening. Hence, this will help the door to bend and run parallel towards the ceiling of your garage along with its horizontal track.

  1. Roll-up garage doors

Did you ever travel with a big poster board? What did you do when you saw that it is too big for you to carry?

Most probably you must have rolled it up into a cylinder. This is the same thing that happens with the roll-up garage doors.

When you open a roll-up garage door it will start rolling around a barrel that you will find above the garage door opening inside the garage.

The roll-up garage can do this as the door is made up of horizontal slats which allows the door to bend and curve.

However, you will see hardly any houses that have roller doors in Melbourne. They are commonly seen on storage units and commercial garages.

  1. Slide to the slide garage doors

One of the earliest methods of operating a garage door is the slide to the slide commonly also known as around the corner.

Nowadays, you will hardly find any garage doors in Melbourne that has a slide to the slide garage doors.

Now, how can you open these doors? These doors don’t bend upwards or run parallel towards the ceiling. Instead, these doors bend to one side and then run parallel to the wall.

  1. Side hinged garage doors

This is another classic garage door style. They are also commonly known as the swing out the garage door. When you will open and close the door of the garage it will look like a large barn door.

It does not have any hinges between the sections instead they have hinges that are on its sides doing justification to its name.

The side hinges allow the door to swing open rather than moving it up or to its side. Its added advantage is- you can customize the hinges of the door to swing outwards or inwards from your home.

You will get all these types of garage doors from B & D garage door Melbourne. Not only this, but you can also choose the material and size of the door along with how it will open.

And, choosing the material and style of the door can make a huge difference as with this you may fall in love with your garage door or feel like you have made a costly mistake.

Therefore, whenever you make a decision regarding your garage door make sure that you go through all of your options.

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