3 Water Features that will Add Beauty, Movement & Sound to Your Small Space

Water features Sydney

Adding a water element in the barren space of your garden has a lot to offer both the garden and the gardener. And the most obvious of them is beauty and ambiance. While the running water balances the temperature even in the scorching summer days, the sound of falling water charms the ear. The glimmering surface catches our eyes while it is beyond our vision, it stimulates our imagination.

Moreover, water elements bring bees, dragonflies, butterflies, birds, and other beautiful creatures to your landscape. It also works as an instant focal point for your garden. And as there are several companies that offer different types of water features Sydney, you can easily get the one that can suit your budget and meet your needs. Are you still in doubt which water feature to choose? Here we have listed down a few for you. Take a look.

  1. Freestanding & wall fountains

If you love simple things, then this fountain will be a good choice for you. You will never go wrong with a trickling freestanding or wall fountain. The word “fountain” brings a three-tiered standby image before us. Though we love free standard cement fountain, there are other options to choose from. You can also choose wall fountains. No matter how long we stare at a fountain mounted on a wall or fence, they continue to hold a mystery that keeps us transfixed. Moreover, you can also choose a bubbling fountain with a large tub. It will look great in your yard.

  1. Small ponds

If you have a small garden and are wondering what is the element that is missing, then incorporate a small pond with a prefabricated liner. You can visit your local garden centre to have a look at the small ponds of different shapes. The ready-made ponds come with an irregular shape so that when they are installed in your garden, they look natural. After placing the pond, “disguise” the edges by placing edges, soil, and plants, it will help to create a natural setting. You can also create it from scratch by digging a hole into a desired shape and lining it with a flexible, thick plastic liner. And for the pond, choose an area in your garden that receives good sunlight and isn’t under many trees.

  1. Birdbaths

Incorporating birdbath is another way to add water to your small yard. Different types of birdbaths are available in the market, while choosing one, make sure that it is made out of ceramic stone, cement, ceramic tiles, glass, and copper. As far as wild critters are concerned, the more shallow it is, the better. If the bowl on the birdbath is not extremely shallow or the depth doesn’t gradually increase, add some gravel or river rocks in the centre of the bowl to make it easier for wildlife to bathe and drink from it. Keep the water in the birdbath clean and fresh. The most attractive of all is water that moves. Add water that is dripping or sprinkling and you will never lack feathered entertainment.

So, whether you want to enhance your backyard, enjoy movement or hear the sound, opt for a reputable company that offers ponds, birdbath and fountains Melbourne, Sydney and other places of Australia, and buy a suitable water element for your garden.

Author bio: Henry Morgan, a gardener and popular blogger on ponds and fountains Melbourne, here writes on the water elements that you can add in your garden. He also suggests to choose a reputable shop for water features Sydney.

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