3 Things You Need to Know about Moving Company Apps


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If you are the owner of a moving company, then I must say that it is a great decision because the demand for moving companies is at an all time high. People are moving from state-to-state and from one city to another for new jobs, new adventures, opportunities, etc. However, it is also true that you always need to re-invent yourself and keep up with the latest trends in business, technology, social media, etc., so you can stay ahead of your competition and serve your customers better. You must always be focused on enriching the experience of your customers.

To begin with, you must consider getting moving estimate software so you can convert more leads into bookings by quickly getting estimates to your customers. So the first step is getting a software that would help you track your team’s performance, get quick and accurate estimates out to your customers, with e-signatures, efficient scheduling & dispatch, and integration with Google Calendar and QuickBooks.

Plus, it makes your life easier! But before you go invest on moving software, here are a few things I would like you to know. Take a look.

* Eliminate errors and omissions

A good moving software can help eliminate costly human errors and omissions that are common in manual processes.

Here are some errors & omissions that you can get rid of with moving software:

  1. Errors in estimating moves because you didn’t ask the right questions or the customer didn’t divulge vital information pertaining to their move.
  2. If you don’t have a central hub for information then important information can slip through the cracks. Especially, so if you scribble notes on post it or notebooks.
  3. If you don’t have moving software, you are likely doing redundant entry doing lead capture, booking, dispatching and invoicing. This redundant data entry increases the chances for human errors.

* They Helps in Collaboration between the Teams

When you have a moving company, you have various teams – sales reps, dispatch, warehouse staff, customer services, contractors, drivers, helpers, etc. With the adoption of moving software, you can ensure that the collaboration is seamless and everyone is on the same page. You can manage your leads, pay your staff easily, track where they are and keep the customer posted with timely updates, provide quick & accurate quotes to your customers, and the list can go on. This is the reason why more and more moving companies are getting moving software.

You can even send invoices through this magical software. Moreover, sharing inventory list and managing arrival times for multiple jobs becomes easy. It is even convenient if you provide long-distance moves to your clients. You can easily track long-distance truck routes and even set strategic routes that result in punctual arrivals, pickups and deliveries. There are many moving companies that are not able to make their name in the market because they lack a system like this. And of course, an integrated cloud-based system is necessary with so many teams involved.

So, do not let yourself fall behind in a competitive, digital market. Say goodbye to paper and spreadsheet methods. Give your business an automated competitive advantage today.

* More Happy Customers!

When you use software, customers get their requests filled out briefly. Your customers now expect a fast, smooth and technology-driven move. They want to be instantly gratified. So, go ahead and research the best moving app, which can help you book moves, dispatch crews and trucks as well as bill your customers.

I hope that this was helpful for you all. To know more about moving software, please follow the blogs in this series.

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