3 Reasons to Call Professionals of Automatic Gates Melbourne instead of DIY-ing


There was a time when the automatic gates were considered for the large and posh property. However, everyone is facing issues against safety measure. Now, an automatic door system is the perfect solution for overcoming security challenges. The gates are noise-free available with integrated protection features. Also, this solution is great for implementing comfort, security and safety in the crucial weather conditions. Thanks to the proximity sensor, the gates open when nearby living or non-living objects are detected. So, the focus from commercial or industrial setting has moved on to the residential ones.

As the demand has been growing for residential buildings, people are taking the task of installing the automatic gates upon themselves. In contrast, some things should be left better at expert hands. The professionals of automatic gates Melbourne know how to spruce up the old rustic space with a touch of the modern-day invention. Also, they only can find the high energy saving gate with the lowest operational cost. To understand further why you should opt for professionals to install the automatic gate system, here’s what you should know.

Putting Safety before Everything

The professional service providers install the driveway gates with the latest features. So, the automatic gates are ahead of dealing with every possible crisis. It is hard to find for regular buyers because they are not acquainted with the top security features. Telephone entry system, access codes and integrated security camera system – these are a few of the features to keep in mind. In addition to the context, the professionals plan wisely to avert emergency cases. Generally, the emergency features include battery backups and manual mode for dealing with the power outage.

Following Australian Safety Standards

When a regular user opts for installing automatic gates, the task is not easy. There are certain compliance laws to consider. The professionals know what and how to follow for the Building Code of Australia and AS 5007 – 2007. When the users do not pay heed to Australian Standard AS 5007 – 2007, they are violating the basic rules. For example, when there are 2000 persons to be accommodated, the free width should be extended to 17 m and a width equivalent to the number in extra of 2000 divided by 600. Only the staffs are familiar with how to meet the complex safety compliance. Even the codes further require the least clear opening of a doorway not to be more than 850mm. Therefore, call the professionals to stay out of the hassle of following AS 1428.1 – 2009 and other standards.

Learn about the Hazards beforehand

The automatic gates are susceptible to suffer from certain risks. Pulling, shearing, cutting, trapping and crushing – these are the common causes of accidents. For this reason, the service providers install a safe edge for automatically reversing the gate. Additionally, a visual and audio alarm warns the pedestrians to be careful. In case, a person does not catch up in the fence while retracting, a screen at the gate tail prevents the foreseen risks. Another way to limit the risk of injury is by putting up suitable safety signs.

The professional service, of course, is not only available for the electric or automatic gates. It’s available for the light steel fabrication Melbourne as well. Call the service providers as per your convenience.

Author bio: Anna Leigh, a regular blogger, has published an article on the benefits of using light steel fabrication Melbourne. Here, she discusses the top advantages of choosing the professional service providers for installing automatic gates Melbourne.

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