3 Latest SEO Tips for Bloggers That Will Boost Blog Traffic


Blogging is an important practice for promoting a business, sharing products or service updates, communicating sales offerings, and so on. And to boost up traffic, most of the bloggers choose social media. Besides social media, there is another source of obtaining visitors, and it is called SEO. You can’t see the result within a week or month but over time this can be the biggest source of traffic.

SEO has a fast pace of growth and for this, the tricks that are relevant today can be ineffective within a few months. And to use SEO strategies for blogging, you need to update yourself and brush up your skills. Here, we have a few of the latest SEO tips that will help you achieve higher ranks in search engine result pages. Take a look.

1. Write attractive headings

You should write the heading in such a way which ranks well in search engine and a number of people would be attracted to share in on the social media platform. Don’t just use different keywords in writing the heading. It is because, with this, the heading will sound boring and would fail to attract people to click on your link in the search result. And thus, the purpose of blogging would not be satisfied. To create great headings all you have to do is write headings which people search in search engines. This way you can ensure that both search engines, as well as people, love your blog.

2. Quality over quantity

There is a common belief that the number of blogs that you post is crucial. However, you should remember that the quality of your blog is more important than anything else. Quality increases the chances of linking and sharing that will boost up your rankings in the search engine result pages. Just think about the kind of articles you like to share or link and you will get your answer. You should add quantity to your post but that does not mean that you will compromise with the quality. People would always prefer a genuine content with great information than a poor post with irrelevant information. So, while writing a blog, consider quality over quantity.

3. Check the SEO updates

Even if you are ranking high on the search engine result pages, it does not mean that this will continue. In order to give better results to people, Google and other search engines are working hard and this is why they are coming with new updates on a regular basis. If you don’t keep an eye of the SEO updates, you would not able to implement the new SEO techniques and as a result, there would be a drastic drop in search engine rankings. So, always check the SEO updates and implement these properly.

These are some of the tips that you can use to be one of the top Australian SEO blogs. And if you need a further guidance, then opt for a reputable SEO company.

Author Bio: Liza Browne, a popular blogger who is associated with top Australian SEO blogs, here writes on three latest SEO tips for bloggers which will help to boost blog traffic.

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