3 Ideal Guidelines to Help Set You on the Path of an Exciting Adventure in China

All things considered, one must admit that very corner of the world has something special to offer in its own unique sense. However, if you are looking for an adventure rather than a plainly organized vacation, then China is the place for you. Take a break from your hectic schedule and come down to China to take in the stunning landscapes and spend some time with its diverse wildlife. Simply pack your bags and set off for a backpacking adventure while learning about the local culture and customs.

Planning for the perfect trip already speaks of excitement, but when it is mapped out in a place as exotic and far as China, then there is definitely a lot to prepare. Out of all things offered, the Chengdu Panda Tour is a must. Since chances dictate that this will turn out to be a solo trip for most travellers, it is possible that one might find themselves in a fix while organizing such a tour. Although there are plenty of enterprises that take on the task of organizing these tours, it might be befuddling while choosing from a plethora of options like Panda day tours, museum visits, photography excursions, etc. To make the ordeal easier, read on to get an idea of what to expect and start planning as soon as possible.

1. Decide on a Panda adventure from a range of options:

While in Chengdu, the Panda Base is a must not just in terms of a tourist landmark, but also as a major learning and research centre, providing conservation programs for the travellers as well. If you are a panda enthusiast like most people, and want to receive knowledge on their feeding habits, mating habits and living environment, then look no further and book a Panda tour now! If you are fortunate enough, you might sight a red panda as well.

2. Take a step further and become a volunteer:

If you want to take a step ahead in this adventurous process, then you have the chance of becoming a Panda volunteer and work in close quarters to clean the compounds, cook food for pandas and feed a giant panda at the end of it all with the guidance of a panda keeper. To top it off, you will also receive a certificate that recognizes your hard work.

3. Immerse yourself in the snowy mountains and ethnic culture:

For the true taste of adventure, apart from visiting museums, old ancient towns and Buddhist settlements, one can also trek through the Shangri-La area which contains four snow-capped mountains in Yunnan and Sichuan including the famous Mt. Genie and Mt. Meili. Explore the snowy peaks, vast grasslands, picturesque lakes and deep gorges coupled with rural villages and Tibetan settlements in the highlands at the end of the hike. Indulge in the exquisite minority culture and be a part of the horse racing festival in Litang if you are visiting in the summer months.

So do not hold back anymore and book a Chengdu tour today!

Author Bio: Stanley Withers, an expert writer on China Adventure Tours and travelling in general, pens down helpful points and takes you on a journey through the amazing wildlife and scenery offered by China.

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