10 Creative Ideas for Window Boxes


With the passage of time, a number of new and innovative ideas for packaging of various products have emerged in the market in order to impress the customers and make the product stand out in the crowd. But, perhaps, the most important and popular innovation is the introduction of window boxes. As the name indicates, these encasements have a transparent portion know as a window on their surface. This portion allows the customers to see through and analyze the products without even opening the container. They are available in a number of shapes and sizes and can also be manufactured by oneself on his own. They are instrumental in raising the display value or shelf value of items to a great deal, which is the most important thing in the retail business. While in the personal lives, they can be utilized as gift cases because of their unique appearance and given to the beloved persons as an expression of the gesture of love, affection, or gratitude.

Die-cut containers:

The major purpose of the retail business is to earn a handsome amount of money by selling various items. The graph of the sales improves to a great extent when such containers are utilized that have the capability to attract a large number of customers due to their unique and beautiful display. The die-cut containers serve this function with great efficiency. They are instrumental in grabbing the attention of the customers at first glance. They are manufactured by using modern cutting technologies. A small portion of the encasement is cut down into any required shape and dimensions. This area is then covered by using a transparent laminated sheet. The customers would be able to peek through this portion and analyze the type and quality of items. In this way, the products remain protected from any sort of hampering that might be caused by the touching of the customers.

Corrugated containers:

Sometimes, the items are delicate and sensitive in nature, and there is a need to preserve them by using such sturdy containers which do not damage the appearance or display of the items packed inside. For example, bakery food items are vulnerable to damage if they are dropped accidentally or they are in contact with the contaminated atmosphere. These possible threats can be eliminated by using corrugated material. This material has natural ridges or flutes on the inner surface that helps the retail shop owners in the intact packaging of various products. These containers can be made more beautiful by adding a window. As the material is sturdy, so they are torn by using a sharp knife or a proper cutter. The torn portion is then covered by using a transparent cover.

Full panel:

The containers having a window can also be utilized in the homes or offices for the purpose of decoration or embellishment. It can be done by taking a big size container of clothes or apparel and then cutting its lid by using mechanical methods. The lid is then covered by using an appropriate transparent material. The obtained encasements can be used to put flowers of various colours inside them. It produces a great display that is exceptionally pleasing to the eyes of the viewers. It can be placed on shelves or tables to bring loveliness in the atmosphere. Mostly, artificial flowers are placed in the window flower boxes so that the life span might be enhanced.

Half panel:

Sometimes, the full panel cases seem to be too open and eradicate the element of curiosity. This interest can be retained by using half-panel window coverings. In this case, a small portion is cut down rather than the whole covering.

Folding container:

The folding containers are trending these days. Their opening and closing are operated with the help of folding. Other than that, these encasements also have an option of a frictional lock system. This lock becomes functional due to the natural depression and impression on the opposite sides of the coverings. When a window is added to such unique containers, they become even more acceptable and pleasing to the eyes.

Plastic coverings:

It is usually thought that plastic is a harmful substance and is a major threat to the environment. But, the fact is that they are available in a number of different types and must be chosen with extensive care. That type of plastic is chosen, which is friendly to the environment. These plastic containers are usually employed for the packing and presentation of cosmetic products. As the cosmetic products might be damaged due to the physical touch of the customers and also due to the dirt, dust, humidity, or dampness in the environment. They are also converted into window boxes to enhance the display value of the beauty products.

Wooden containers:

The application of window is not restricted to the thin and lightweight materials. It can also be applied to wooden containers by using modern technologies. These wooden cases might be used for the packing of sensitive and delicate items.

Cardboard recycling:

Cardboard is one of the most commonly utilized materials for the manufacturing of the containers of a large number of objects. These containers are easily found in large numbers in every home. They are usually considered discarded but can be recycled in a creative and artistic manner to form encasements having a transparent portion by using a cutter, laminated sheet, and binding tape or glue.

Slide cover encasements:

A slide cover is such a style in which the container is composed of two parallel layers. They can also be modified into transparent containers to make them more eye-catching.

Gift container:

A gift is considered the best way to express feelings of love and affection. A simple container is transformed into a transparent covering, and then a colourful ribbon is tied in a systematic manner to give the form of a proper case.

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