Your Go to Guide on Push-Up Bras

Push-up bra or what one may also call as an affordable spin-off to the plastic surgery is an extremly important addition to a woman’s wardrobe. If you need an extra lift or feel like experimenting for a fuller look, a push-up bra will be your holy grail. If you are on the internet browsing through overwhelming number of designs, styles, and types of push-up bras, we got you covered. None of us want to wear the perfect dress with a flattering neckline only to be disappointed by the way our bra fits us. Therefore, finding a perfect bra is a make-or-break deal. So ‘brace’ yourself up and take notes ladies or their gentlemen as we talk about everything you need to know about a push-up bra.

How is a Push- Up Bra Different than the Regular Bra?

A push-up bra essentially creates an appearance of a fuller and more voluminous using extra padding in the cups. It gently lifts your bust upward towards the center of the chest. While most push up bras are crafted with a plunging center, these bras do come in different silhouettes to give you a perfectly fitting yet ravishing support underneath.

Types of Push-up Bras

Push up bras are quite a rage amongst women with varying bust sizes. While all shapes of breasts are beautiful, adding a little extra oomph does no harm. Small breasted women do opt for these to create a beautiful cleavage and women with medium to large bust enjoy an enhanced version of their current silhouette with a push up bra. There is a push-up bra for everyone and a variety of padding too. These padding range from air pads, gel pads and even detachable ones. While a push-up bra does enhance your shapes, it is still extremely important for the bra to be your perfect size.

  1. Demi Cup Push Up Bra

Demi cups are an amazing option for those wearing a low neckline as these cups do not provide a complete coverage. These create a layer over your natural bust but create a subtle cleavage.

  1. Strapless Push Up Bra

We all have a pretty off-shoulder top or a tube dress that needs us to conceal the bra straps. In such times, the strapless push-up bra is your friend. As for every bra, the band gives you most support and a strap just add to it, wearing a strapless bra will be equally supportive and stylish at the same time.

  1. Double Padded Push Up Bra

As the name suggests, a double padded push-up bra will increase the bust size even more. These pads are just as comfortable as the single padded ones and is not suffocating at all. Wit that said, women with larger or medium size breasts can avoid these push-up bras as they can cause discomfort and is ideal for small breasted women.

  1. Cotton Push Up Bra

If you hate wearing a bra, this bra is the one for you, seriously! Women with sensitive skin or who like a much more breathable fabric can opt for these options. Cotton push up bras give you the uplift but with a better comfort and support.

How to measure a Push- Up Bra?

There is always a doubt whether we need to go a size up from our usual size to find a perfect push up bra and the answer is no. You will just have to correctly measure your band size which is obviously different from the cup size. Refer the table the sizing category that matches your measurements.

Band Size: Wrap your measuring tape as tight as you would wrap your bra band and place is right under your breast. Write down the exact number.

Cup Size: Wrap the tape around the fullest point on your chest. Do not hold the tape tightly. Make a note of the exact number.

The next time you are bra shopping, check the cup and band sizes in the table and find your perfect push-up bra.

Under bust
Band Size Over bust Measurement
Cup A Cup B Cup C Cup D
23” – 24” 28 28” – 29” 29” – 30” 30” – 31” 31” – 32”
25” – 26” 30 30” – 31” 31”– 32” 32”– 33” 33” – 34”
27” – 28” 32 32” – 33” 33” – 34” 34” – 35” 35” – 36”
29” – 30” 34 34” – 35” 35” – 36” 36” – 37” 37” – 38”
31” – 32” 36 36” – 37” 37” -38” 38” – 39” 39” – 40”
33” – 34” 38 38” – 39” 39” – 40” 40” – 41” 41” – 42”
35” – 36” 40 40” – 41” 41” – 42” 42” – 43” 43” – 44”

Now that you have the perfect size guide and styles, find yourself a bra according to the occasion and the one ideal for the outfit. Remember to find the right fabric to wear under the clothing to avoid it creating an undesirable layer. With this, you are fool-proof ready to shop for a push-up bra in the right way.

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