Yoga Poses to Keep Your Body Cool During Hot

Yoga pose

You may very well familiar with the searing heat of the summers. Your energy can easily be squeezed out either you are running in the valley or sit inside your car. To beat the heat it is recommended to maintain the water level in your body. You should drink an adequate amount of water and more cooling additive. Seasonal fruits like watermelon, oranges, and veggies like cucumbers and melons are superior to keep you hydrated. Experts say that along with the change in diet some yoga possess are extremely helpful to keep your system cool and calm.

Let’s have a look what kind of yoga exercises are these:

• It’s a wonderful breathing art to keep your body cool in summers. Comfortably sit in a position with your hands placed on your knees (The Padmasana). Takeout your tongue and fold it like a tube. Deeply inhale through your tongue. Close the mouth after inhalation and exhale through the nose. This pose is known as Sheetli Pranayam. Rerun this at least 10 times.

• This pose is very similar to sheetli pranayama. Just sit comfortably in Padmasana. Put your hands on the knees. Grasp your teeth and inhale. Take a deep breath. Hold it and then release slowly through the nostrils. It is known as sheetkari Pranayam. Repeat it for about 10 times.

• As the temperature goes up in the summer, sometimes we may lose our temperament and get impatient and tired. This yoga practice has a cooling effect on the nervous system. Please sit comfortably. Close your right nostril using your right thumb. Now exhale entirely via your left nostril and then breathe in through the left nostril. Close the left nostril using ring finger and then exhale through the right nostril. This asana is known as Chandrabhedi asana. Rerun the same for at least 10 times.

• Some yoga practices really balance the mind and body throughout the year. Meditation and Shavasana are excellent during hot. During physical activities, our body temperature goes up. So it’s better to bypass arduous activities in searing heat. Try to avoid fast moving yoga practices like KapalBhati and Agnisara.

• After exhausted on a hot day, you wish to have some relax in the evening. Now lie down near the wall and touch your feet to the wall. Now raise the legs and let your feet taking rest on the wall. Remain in this position for about 2 minutes. Now put your legs down and take rest in sprawling position. This pose will make you refresh. As the heart has to pump more and more blood during hot, this yoga practice helps the heart by returning more blood to it. This pose is called Shavasana. Do it every day once or twice when you wind up with all your duties.

Yoga is practicing for more than last 5000 years in our country. You should take benefit of summer to make your body calm, cool, flexible and healthy.

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