Why are leadership skills important in business?

The demands on executives are getting higher. Whether you are at the top of the company or acting as a team leader. You need leadership. GOOD leadership is becoming more important. But which leadership qualities do you need in your business?

What is leadership quality?

In the companies, hierarchies are increasingly flattening out, and some even want to completely abolish the hierarchies. In many cases this is accompanied by the question: Do we still need leadership at all?

Yes, Leadership will always exist. In my opinion, leadership is one of the key qualifications of par excellence. From self-management to corporate management. No one will be concerned about the “high” demands of leadership around it.

What is leadership quality?

Leadership is the ability to set goals and to influence and guide other people’s behaviors to translate those goals into outcomes. The process from goal setting to outcome control and the personal relationship between leader and leader can be different.

In simple words Leadership quality or leadership competence means: A person brings one or more other people to reach a certain result. In concrete terms, leadership quality has nothing to do with a leadership position.

As a result, we can say that if a mother succeeds in gathering the entire family at the dinner table at some point in time, she has demonstrated leadership qualities.

If the CEO – or another senior leader – achieves the desired annual result, then he has also shown leadership qualities. Leadership also just describes that a certain desired outcome has been achieved. The way does not matter for the moment.

For example: A manager was enormously successful as a branch manager. For many years, it has always delivered the best economic results – compared to the other branches. So no need to worry. Should one think so?

But in this company it was different: in an assessment centre for top executives, the candidate presented himself professionally as a high-flyer. He was extremely performance-oriented and committed.

At the end of the selection process, however, he does not receive a recommendation from the HR experts. Although the participant was technically an ace and as an expert certainly superior, but ultimately completely unsuitable for the management of employees, because he lacked empathy.

For him, that was a shock, so he got the feedback that he was not sustainable as a branch manager with his leadership style. The executive coaching mandate was either to change his way of doing things or to look for another branch manager.

The 13 most important leadership qualities:

  1. To be a role model
  2. Communication skills
  3. Flexibility
  4. Responsibility
  5. Clear expectation
  6. Acceptance of errors
  7. Recognize potential
  8. Team together
  9. Motivation
  10. Ability to self-criticism
  11. Make decisions – even in uncertain times
  12. Problem solutions or crisis solutions
  13. Empathy


In the first part of the article, you learned that leadership quality has nothing to do with leadership at all. It is about achieving a certain result with others. You can always take inspiration from any successful business leaders like Bobby Genovese. Bobby Genovese Barbados is a founder and also a chairman for BG Capital Group Ltd investment Arm. We looked at 13 leadership skills, especially about the leadership qualities of the future. Because in the future, it will be much more important to know how you, as a leader, achieve results.

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