Why Are Bridgestone Tyres Widely Preferred?

Well, you’ll have to call an expert technician in various circumstances such as – you may have driven your car over a thick pothole or over a nail and in the process punctured a tyre. Nevertheless, the odds are higher that you haven’t been paying adequate attention to your car’s tyres.

  • Your car’s tyres may never have been rotated.
  • There is a possibility that you may have bought a low-cost tyre brand you can find.
  • The chances are higher that the tyres may have aged, thus are old and exhausted.

If your car has good tyres and that they are maintained well then you may just have had some bad luck – if this is the case then you just have to change your damaged car tyre with the spare tyre of the same brand that’s resting inside your car.

Nonetheless, if all-around wear or poor tyre quality was an issue in your blow-out, then you may need to change all of your car’s tyres. If you’re deciding to go with a full new set of tyres, then you should be thinking about which tyre brand to buy this time around –Bridgestone is a superior choice.


A brand that doesn’t require any identification – the name is enough, Bridgestone! Bridgestone is a Japanese company established in 1931 in Kurume, Fukuoka. Bridgestone Australia was initially founded as “SA Rubber Mills” – a supplier for the Australian automotive industry in the 1930s. Bridgestone continues to have their plants in Australia, so some of their products are made in Australia. Bridgestone has a huge European operation and they also own Firestone in the U.S. Actually, they’re the world’s biggest tyre manufacturer.

Bridgestone Is a Name Synonym with Quality

Big companies in the automotive industry are focused on manufacturing high quality, reliable products using the most resourceful methods they can develop. As Bridgestone is a big, fully mature multinational corporation, you know that they have a large stake in the process management and quality control. Bridgestone monitors quality, they ask their customers for feedback and they have processes in place for continuous improvement.

Bridgestone Has Huge Selection of Tyre Sets

  • Bridgestone’s product array is a massive one – you can choose from premium Bridgestone tyre range that includes Turanza, Potenza, Ecopia and Dueler. Potenza tyres are performance driven and also race car-tested, so they provide you with full control.
  • If you want a very smooth and safe ride, then choose Bridgestone’s premium luxury tyre Turanza. If you want to obtain maximum fuel efficiency then Ecopia tyres are highly recommended, as they are specially engineered for it whereas Duelers are particularly designed for 4x4s.
  • However, if you’re looking for budget tyres, then you can choose Bridgestone classics for your passenger car, 4×4 or light truck. And if you’re a racing enthusiast, you can go for Bridgestone race tyres as well.
  • By picking Bridgestone Run-Flat Tyres or RFTs, you may be able to prevent further visits from the tyre repair shop – that’s because RFTs don’t go flat. Well, in the occurrence they’re deflated, they maintain adequate of their shape and help you to get home, or at least take you to the nearest service station. However, one thing you need to take care – to use RFTs, your car must be outfitted with an onboard Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).
  • You can rely on Bridgestone tyres’ quality. Bridgestone’s standard and premium tyre range are an excellent choice for all types of cars and trucks.

Eagle Tyres (Your Local Tyre Shop in Sydney)

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