What does a kid usually do in nursery?

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Childcare services or preschool education is also referred to as nursery in Singapore. There are slightly over 1300 nurseries that take in children from 18 months to six years old, offering infant care, toddlers school, nursery and kindergarten. Parents can also choose to enrol their children infill-day, half-day or flex-care programmers. Parents who enrolled their Singapore citizen children in child care centres licensed by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) will continue to be eligible for the basic child care subsidy. This child care subsidy has played a significant role in increasing the number of families enrolling their children to early education over the last few years. What does a kid usually do in nursery?

Singapore nursery school may seem all simple fun and games but it is actually the place that nurtures and sets your child up to enjoy the process and lifelong journey of learning. Familiarization is a fundamental element in toddler school and nursery to help children anticipate the order of things. Songs are more than just mere singing sessions as it actually helps them to understand the structure and routines in preschool. This translates to the bigger picture of community and society, where structured rules and regulations come into place.

A lot of Singapore nursery school is play-based

Nursery in Singapore cultivates a “learning-through-playing” mentality to enhance kids’ physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional and aesthetic development instead of a serious classroom or rote learning. Through social interaction and settings, young children will improve their thought processes, learn about communication, develop values and manners, be respectful and show empathy. Nursery provides the child with opportunities to explore, discover and experience growth, that shapes character, and independence, that helps to cultivate self-confidence. Kids will learn to appreciate the value of teamwork and how their actions as well as speech can affect others.

As nursery is a play-based curriculum, per-schooners will be engaged in all sorts of fun physical activities to stay active and healthy. These activities also contribute to their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development as well as their motor skills. Children spend their day meaningfully, enriched with activities and opportunities for them to develop and thrive in a safe environment. Parents can have a peace of mind when they are at work knowing that their child is enjoying the process of learning and developing the right values from experienced and qualified educators at a Singapore nursery school licensed with the Early Childhood Development Agency.

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Nursery years are a crucial stage for your child. Beyond the introduction to fundamental education and babysitting, child care or nursery provides the perfect environment to lay out the foundations of EQ, social interaction and values as well as develop language, communication and vocabulary. It is also the place that cultivates learning through exploration, sensory and tangible stimulation, develops good learning habits and nurtures positive self-esteem. Support and cheer your child’s success but also allow room for them to make mistakes and feel that it is perfectly normal to make mistakes as long as they move on and learn from it.

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