What are The Best Shoes for Bartenders


It is certainly not easy to identify which are the best shoes for bartenders. Every person working in a bar has several issues with his feet. This is investable after so many hours of walking and standing all day at the bar. If you have identified the problem yourself, you may take some actions for it.

 Get the best shoes you can find

Bartending is a hard job. You may need to find the best bartending shoes to make you feel better when standing. Sometimes the constant standing can give you a great pain on your foot curve and heels areas. This is because your weight can gradually aggravate the soft tissues down there.

Your shoes should always have extra cushioning so that you can feel safe and secure. The cushioning should also embrace the ankle and foot arch with the same ease. This comes to the great issue of shoelaces. Your bartending shoes are supposed to be lace-free. It doesn’t mean that you will have zero protection on your feet, but you will certainly have a Velcro strap on top of the foot arch.

The outsole needs to be durable and flexible at the same time. You need to have a great balance on your shoes and enjoy an enhanced vision. The grip and traction are also important and have to do with the existence of special lugs on the outer part of the shoes.

Avoid wearing high heels

This a general warning for all female bartenders. The high heel shoes may look great on you, but they create multiple issues to your feet and back. This kind of shoes leaves less room for your forefoot and toe fingers.

This is turning creates less mobility for your fingers and gives you a restricted balance that can cause serious injuries in the working environment. By any means, you are supposed to avoid these high heels when you are working as a bartender.

Running shoes can give you less grip

Lately, we have seen many male bartenders prefer wearing their running shoes while working. This is not a good practice since it is only performed for stylish reasons. The running shoes are not adequately protecting your ankle joints and may even harm your posture when you are standing up for multiple hours.

Not to mention, that their outsoles may have slick surfaces which are not equipped with special anti-skid lugs. This is important for your safety since restaurants and bars are places where liquid may spill on the floor at any time.

This could give you a severe injury and even get you tired more easily since you are constantly trying to hold your grip to the floor.

High top loafers may give you the ultimate solution

Most of the modern bartenders are gradually leaning to the high-top loafers. These are comfortable and stylish shoes that are made from real leather parts. They are quite waterproof and can give you the best grip you may possibly have.

Not to mention, that their high-top character gives you excellent protection of the ankle area. This is important to hold your posture all the time and move freely without the fear of falling apart while working.

These loafers are also featuring an improved cushioning system on your heels and foot curve that will disappear all the possible painful syndromes from your feet. They are also having a smart lacing system to keep the shoes on your feet no matter the intensity of work.


When you are a bartender you are always facing special dangers while working. You need to take care of your integrity while being behind the bar. Since you are constantly working close to liquid agents you need to have the best anti-skid shoes for that job.

The waterproof protection has to be in the highest possible levels. Finally, comfort and style are also important if you want to become the centre of attention in your working environment. Comfort is going to make you last longer in this profession. Especially when applied to your heel and foot curve areas that are mostly affected by the standing posture.

Get yourself the best kind of shoes to be the bartender you were always dreaming of.

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