Understanding The New Advancement in Composite Decking in Perth

Before buying decking supplies Perth, it is crucial to consider the new advancement in composite decking. One of the benefits of decking materials that are synthetic is that technology is continuously evolving. Composite decks are designed to last and most of the brands on the market offer a wide range of material finishes from multi-coloured to solid colours. Here are some of the new advancement in composite decking.

Synthetic decking

There are now different synthetic materials that are more affordable than cedar. In the past years, there were no decking choices that could compete with wood prices. Nowadays, manufacturers offer composite materials for budget-minded clients. You can easily get decking planks that have a scalloped profile. These materials are more affordable for clients who want to benefit from low maintenance.

Tougher decking

Most manufactured decking in the past years was a combination of polymers and wood fibres. Composite decking in Perth was an improvement over this. However, nowadays, you can get better solutions from most manufacturers. Shelled and capped decking are some of the better options you can go for. Capped decking is nearly similar to composite but the core is covered with a layer of tougher and denser polymer. This means that it has better resistance to stains, scratches and fading.

Hide ugly ends

Some of the reason why users don’t like manufactured decks is that they have ugly ends and no one wants them to be exposed. However, with the modern decks, you have a couple of ways to hide them. You can raise the fascia board to flush the top with the top of the decking. However, keep in mind that most skirt boards are not wide enough to completely cover both the decking supplies Perth boards. You can also hide the ends by installing a border around the outside edges of the deck.     

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