Top Tips for Throwing a Birthday Party in Your Kids’Cubby House

You should consider using the cubby house you have in your backyard if your kid happens to be having a birthday party. A cubby house is very fun for kids as well as a low cost venue with endless possibilities.This article has some tips for throwing a birthday party with your kid’s cubby house.


One way of starting the creative planning for the party is to first choose a theme. By doing so, you will not get into idea overload and avoid unnecessary stress for you and your kids. Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can discover some excellent ideas for the party via the internet.


You will also need to send invitations out. Why not take a photograph of the cubby house and utilize it for the invites? Ensure that you tell the guests to come dressed ready to play. This is so that everybody can have fun when they arrive. If all of your kid’s friends are on Facebook or have emails, you can send their invites through the internet too. Just make sure that everybody receives their invitation by checking on people that do not respond.


Use balloons and streamers to decorate the cubby house. Do not add too many decorations though, as you do not want them to obstruct the kids while running, playing, and jumping in the kids’ cubby house. A couple of ribbons as well as other decorations here and there will certainly bring out the party spirit in everybody.

Another idea is to attach paper to the wall and keep crayons out so that the kids can write messages or draw pictures. What more of an excellent way is therefor your kid to remember the day than having a massive message board full of pictures and well wishes their friends have made for them?


If you are serving food at the party, a barbecue is an excellent idea with tons of versatile food that the kids will love. If there are a lot of kids at the party, have a separate eating area from the cubby. This greatly decreases the risk of accidents and spills in the cubby house.


Have a scavenger hunt by putting birthday cake pictures or varying colored balloons around your cubby. See the number of kids that can get the correct count and offer prizes. If the weather is hot, hold a water balloon toss or battle. The kids could also have fun with crafts on the cubby house’s deck.

After the party is over and it’s time for everybody to go home, ensure that you let them know them that they are welcome back to have a play date with your kid as well as the cubby house. This will help kid be social and spend time withtheir friends a lot more than they might otherwise.

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